Window treatments are an essential interior decorating style that can give any room a new look. They provide aesthetics, privacy, and control the amount of natural light you want into an area. Seeing all the beautiful photos and tips on how to dress up windows inspire you to drape your own. However, it is somehow dispiriting to launch your ideas knowing how expensive it is to hire a contractor or purchase the required materials.

Don’t be disheartened, though. There are lots of money-saving ideas for window treatments on a budget. For half the amount that you have to pay for expensive items and services for window treatments, you’ll be gratified to know there are ways to transform your windows into stunning frames. Get started with these tips and ideas that you can tailor to any window in your home to match your existing furnishings and decors.

Creative and Frugal Options for Window Treatments

If you have a knack for sewing, you can actually make your own window treatments without the need to hire a contractor. All you need to do is invest in a good industrial sewing machine that’s sturdy enough to sew through heavy fabrics. Once you have your sewing machine, you can repurpose old bed sheets, tablecloths, and even shower curtains into window treatments. Check out these reviews of the best upholstery sewing machines for your money to see what your options are.

Bed Sheets. Old flat bed sheets can be recycled as one of creative ways for window treatments on a budget. Fold down an edge by 3 x 4” and use a pin to fix it in place. Secure the pinned edge to the bed sheet fabric by either sewing or using fabric glue. This creates a sleeve on the top of the bed sheet to insert a curtain rod through.

Tablecloths. The many designs and types of tablecloths are a lot cheaper than curtains. They also come in different sizes and all you need is to select the size and design that fit your window and coordinate with your decors. A lace tablecloth creates a homey, old-fashioned atmosphere to a room, while the heavier type provides privacy and controls light as you desire for your room. One way to hang tablecloths as curtains is to follow the procedure given for bed sheet curtains, while another method is to simply drape the material over the curtain rod.

Shower Curtains. Probably the cheapest and easiest to install among cheap alternatives for curtains are shower curtains. However, if you don’t want your room or kitchen to look like a bathroom extension, stay away from vinyl products. Instead look for those made in decorator fabrics. Hanging them is a breeze since there are already holes along the top edge and you only need to thread them through the curtain rod.

Embellishing Window Treatments

One way to make window treatments on a budget look expensive and stylish is to embellish them. Among the different approaches is to use stencils and fabric paints to add interesting details to the otherwise plain and boring drapes. You may also consider sewing buttons, beads, sequins, and artificial flowers in attractive pattern across the curtain material. If you’re not into sewing, you can decorate with iron-on appliqués or simply gather the panels and tie them with ornate ribbons and curtain holders.

Window treatments don’t have to be elaborate and expensive. All you need is creativity to highlight those openings in the wall and transform them into beautiful windows to frame your view of what’s outside your comfort zone.