One of the best-selling 5 channel amps in the market is Alpine PDR-V5. This amazing channel amp is perfect for all car audio enthusiasts searching for the best amp to boost the car speaker’s sound quality.

Alpine is classified as one of the most advanced and best sounding amplifiers. Also, Alpine is well-respected in this industry. Furthermore, it received a high rating from customer feedbacks as you can read in this article: .

If you are interested to invest in this channel amp, here are the things you can expect from Alpine PDR-V5.

Power Rating

There is a trick to determine whether a channel amp has an accurate power rating. You look for the label CEA certified to guarantee that the power rating indicated on the item’s label is 100 percent accurate. But if there is none, the trick is to look for the RMS power of the amplifier, not the peak power.

First-time buyers often make the mistake of purchasing amplifiers with high peak power instead of the RMS. Know that RMS is the continuous power which the device utilizes. On the other hand, the peak power refers to the sudden bursts of power which a device can achieve. Thus, what you need to look for when buying is the RMS or the operating power of an amplifier.

The Alpine is one of the top choice 5 channel amps with a high power density. It can utilize 75W RMS x 4 + 250W RMS x 1 at 4ohms.

Sound Quality

You would notice that there are regular car speakers that produce broken bass and ear-splitting high sound. You can remedy this problem by installing Alpine PDR-V5.
This 5 channel amp rivals the A/B amps. It sounds coming from the speakers are more powerful, dynamic and crisp in comparison to speakers without Alpine PDR-V5. For sure you would love to hit the road while listening to the theater-like sound quality of Alpine.

Microprocessor Feature

An extended period of playing music can cause the amplifier to overheat. Once the system of the amp detects overheating, the power automatically shuts off to avoid accidents. Though it is a safety measure, yet, it can ruin your party mood.
The good news is with Alpine you can enjoy listening to your favorite music playlist without worrying about the device overheating.

The Alpine features a microprocessor-based technology that allows your music to keep pumping from the speakers on a reduced volume. This technology controls the amp from shutting down or overheating.

Flexible Controls

Alpine is easy to control and manage. It is one of the top choice amplifiers with flexible controls and option settings.

This amplifier also has a remote bass control option which gives you the liberty to set the bass level of the speaker. However, you have to buy the remote bass control separately from the amplifier.

Do you want to bring the party inside your car?

Try the Alpine PDR-V5 and experience a never before entertainment on your travels.
Check out more details on the features as well as the pros and cons of Alpine. You can view the product reviews of this item here at the Sound Certified.