If you are looking for an interactive and educational toy, then choose a robotic kit.

Robotic kits are becoming more popular these days. The industry aims these products to kids and adults who aspire to become part of the robotic industry.  And, it is great training for future engineers and programmers who wants to hone their skills in basic robotic technology.

Back then, science schools are the only one that utilizes robot kits; but today it is no longer the same. Most schools use robot kits as instructional material for high school students. The hands-on experience increases the student’s knowledge regarding robotics. Moreover, it is easier and faster to learn the subject when there is a live demonstration.

Additionally, robot kits are more accessible. Anyone can buy it in online stores. Also, many physical markets are already selling this kind of product for educational purposes.

Because of the increasing popularity and demand for robot kits, it is not surprising that many companies have risen. And one example of it is BIOLOID.

Introducing Bioloid STEM Standard Kit

Bioloid has turned into a globally renowned robotics curriculum in a short period. It is all due to the unique appeal that Bioloid products that are absent in most robotic kids. And that is Bioloid encourages a person to build robots in different shapes and accomplish challenging tasks through a step-by-step process.

The Bioloid STEM Standard kit is the latest robotic kit of Bioloid. The robotic kit is geared for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) format. It follows an organized learning system to help high school students understand more about technology.

What’s in the box?

Bioloid STEM includes a robotic kit complete with different pieces and parts. These parts make seven robot designs. Also, inside the package is a 21-weeks educational material for the secondary-school robotics curriculum. The manual workbook teaches 16 sample robots and 3 quick-start robots. The material starts with the basics of robotic technology and advances to higher levels of scientific principles. Throughout the training, a student will learn different scientific principles such as centrifugal force, centripetal force, differential gear, steering mechanisms, sound, four-bar linkage mechanism, and more.

To learn more about this robotic kit, below are the specifications of the item.

  • Features DYNAMIXEL AX-12W servo motor with CM-530 controller
  • Powered by batteries (AA or LR6)
  • Has IR-Array and IR Sensors
  • Has a remote control

Is Bioloid STEM Standard Kit a Good Value for the Money?

If you are searching for a robot kit that features a process-like approach in learning robotics, this option is the best bet. Also, it is an ideal choice for buyers who are searching for robot kits for beginners and competition. It is only kids who can enjoy this product, even robotic enthusiast adults will love this product.

There is more to the Bioloid STEM Standard kit. You can check these reviews out first to learn additional information about the robotic kit. And if you’ve got questions concerning such items, don’t hesitate to consult reliable online sources like SUNGLASS. They can help you find the best robotic kits this year for beginners and even professionals.