For aspiring musicians, deciding which instrument to focus on is difficult. Each category of musical instruments offers countless options. For example, if you want to try a wind instrument, you’ll have to choose between a flute, clarinet, piccolo, and other musical instruments under this class. The same also goes when you choose stringed instruments.

When talking about stringed instruments, chances are you’ll immediately picture a guitar or a violin in mind. Deciding which stringed instrument to play comes down to the style of music you wish to learn. Also, you must know the differences between each instrument. If you are having a hard time deciding whether to go for an acoustic guitar or a bass, below is a comparison of the two instruments.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are known for their versatility. You can create rhythm sections and apply different styles on the instrument. Also, you can play as the background instrument or be the center of attention.

Acoustic guitars exercise more freedom rather than bass. It also performs more solo, especially when the acoustic guitar is the lead player. Hence, an acoustic guitar is usually the forefront of bands regardless of the music genre.

When it comes to the instrument’s structure, both look similar. They use strings to create music. Moreover, the chords and scales you learn in acoustic apply to bass. But that is all.

Acoustic guitars have smaller strings compared to bass. With this, you won’t have to apply much strength to play the instrument.  Furthermore, you can learn numerous styles of acoustic guitar playing.

Since an acoustic guitar is both a rhythmic and a lead instrument, you’ll have to learn more chord shapes rather than bass.

Bass Guitar

Professional musicians would say, a bass guitar is the foundation of music. It plays a huge role in bridging other instruments. It adds more texture and “feel” on the music with a bass guitar in the background playing.

Bass guitar usually acts as a rhythmic instrument than a lead. Without a bass, no song would sound good. Moreover, playing the bass guitar allows you to improvise the song during a performance.

This string instrument comes in a wide variety. A standard classic bass guitar has four strings. But there are bass guitars with five and six strings. Also, the instrument is an octave lower than an acoustic guitar.

The strings of a bass guitar are bigger. Having this feature, a bass guitar player must have strong fingers. The neck of the bass is also very long. Hence, musicians with smaller frames might experience difficulty in starting on a bass guitar.

The Bottom Line

Which types of guitar do you like the most?

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Regardless of whether you choose an acoustic or a bass guitar, make sure to choose the best option to help in harnessing your talent.