Each tactical flashlight has a different light output. Find out the best level of brightness needed for flashlights used for tactical works. 

Durable, portable, bright, and budget-friendly are adjectives that customers usually look for when buying a flashlight.

Though these factors are significant, there is one element you must never forget when searching for a tactical flashlight. And that is lumens.

Notice that tactical flashlights come in varying lumen rating. Some have 500 lumens, whereas other brands have a staggering light output of 9000 lumens. Now, here goes a question: how many lumens should you choose in a tactical flashlight?

The answer is this; it depends on your purpose of buying the flashlight.

How Light Output Influences Flashlight Performance

One lumen is brighter than moonlight by 10 times. A flashlight’s lumens or light output directly affects its performance. Moreover, it influences the amount of distance the device’s light can reach. Inasmuch, lower lumens lesser brightness and shorter lighting range. Meanwhile, higher lumens indicate the device can illuminate an object at great distances and produces super brightness.

Furthermore, the flashlight’s beam width can also affect its brightness. A wider beam causes the light to dim and a shorter beam entails brighter light.

Tactical flashlights were designed by manufacturers to have higher lumens because of its function. People who commonly use this type of flashlight are from the security sector and search and rescue. Tasks that involve security and emergency require brighter illumination for increased visibility. A lighting device with more than 1000 lumens makes it easier to move and locate objects in the dark. Moreover, tactical flashlights designed for such purposes include other functions such as strobe light for self-defense and SOS.

Now, what if your purpose of buying a flashlight is to provide illumination when fishing or hunting? What are the best lumens you will need for your flashlight? You should read more here.

There are tactical flashlights with 100 lumens. It is the standard light output of an average flashlight. It can provide light for about 10 hours. 100 lumens are enough to illuminate your path while walking or searching for objects.

Other lighting devices with 200 to 500 lumens is perfect for outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, climbing, hunting, as well as tactical tasks. Such light output can reach up to a 50-meter distance.

Tactical flashlights with 600 to 1000 light outputs are suitable for industrial uses and outdoor pursuits since it covers up to 300 meters of distance. Meanwhile, 1000 and above lumen ratings are commonly used for outdoor lighting, search and rescue, and recreational activities in a large area.

Take note that a 1000 lumens flashlight consumes more power compared to lighting devices with a much lower light output.

Moreover, not all situations demand the use of extreme brightness. Using it under normal conditions might only cause an accident. It is why you need to consider the modes of a tactical flashlight.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right tactical flashlight, you should also consider one that has adjustable brightness. With this, you can control the brightness of the device and save battery life.