Is it possible to print real objects?

Back then, 3D printing seems far-fetched, probably a most unlikely dream. But as the saying goes, nothing is impossible. In this modern age, 3D printing exists.

3D printing was first introduced in the engineering sector. It is one of the first industries that benefit from it, besides healthcare and automotive. Today, countless manufacturers use 3D printing in their production. Most utilize this technology to create prototypes, whereas some use 3D printers to produce certain parts of their products.

Companies coming from different industries are not the only ones who use this technology. A lot of tech-savvy and enthusiasts enjoy building 3D models. If you are hooked to this technology, you should consider investing in an excellent quality 3D printer like the Sindoh 3DWox DP200.

The Power of 3DWOX Printer

Know that there are several models and brands of 3D printers in the market. It is not surprising given the rising popularity of this technology. No doubt, the number of 3D printer manufacturers will snowball in the upcoming years.

One of the respected and renowned brands of 3D printers today is Sindoh. It is a South-Korean company that became widely recognized for its high-performing 3D printers. And one example of the company’s great 3D printer models is 3DWOX.

Previous 3D printers of Sindoh do not have a 3DWox feature. They recently developed this technology as a part of the DP200 series.

The 3DWox is a unique feature of the Sindoh DP200 printer. The company developed this technology intending to provide more user-friendly and high-performing 3D printers. Using this feature, anyone can create various types of 3D models.

This technology has more to offer. Below highlights the top features of 3DWox to help you see why this is good choice.

  • FFF-based Print Technology

FFF-based print technology stands for Fused Filament Fabrication printing. It is a process of continuous use of the filament of a thermoplastic material. The filament is deposited on the growing work and later becomes the final object.

  • Auto-Loading Cartridge

In 3DWox you no longer have to do the manual cutting, retrieving, and placing of the cartridge. The auto-loading system of the 3DWox makes it easier and quicker to print materials.

  • Assisted Bed Leveling

One of the best features of 3DWox is the assisted bed leveling. The software assists the user in how to calibrate the bed. Likewise, the UI provides visual representation about the process, as well as the progress of the project.

  • Monitoring Camera

The monitoring keeps you on tab about the printing progress. It’ll be easier for you to check if the printing goes well and prevent any errors.

  • Connectivity Options

Sindoh 3DWox is compatible with various connectivity options. You can connect the printer to a computer using a USB cable, Ethernet cable, or Wi-Fi connection.

  • 5-inch Touch Panel

The LCD screen that comes with the printer is extremely useful. It makes the operation easier and faster. On the screen are menus and clear navigation on how to get started with the printing.


Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D printer is no doubt a great investment. Given the impressive features of this printer, it is not surprising this model is the most popular option in the market.