Are you searching for the best blender to support your nutritious diet?

The number of choices, information, and advice about buying blenders is overwhelming. If this is your first time to invest a blender, you probably feel daunted and confused by the staggering number of blenders in the market.

It is a good thing that there is one source that you can trust. The Prime Shop Kitchen is one of the most trusted online sources of blender buying guidelines. Also, they reviewed blenders for making smoothies to help you determine the perfect tool to fulfill your nutritious diet.

Remember that not all blenders in the market are excellent for making smoothies. To assist you in searching for the best blender for smoothies, find out the different types of blender which you can choose from.

Hand Immersion Blenders

This equipment comprises an electric motor with rotating cutting blades at the end of the shaft. You hold the stick blender and immerse on the ingredients to blend inside a mixing tank. Hand immersion blenders are very convenient since it does not occupy much space. Moreover, this stick blender is also portable. However, it can only blend smoothies with soft ingredients such as bananas and strawberries. It can only prepare one serving of smoothie. It also works well in making purees.

Traditional Countertop Blenders

Countertop blenders are the most popular in the market. It can create two to three servings of your favorite smoothie. However, there are also larger traditional countertop blenders in the market which you can buy.

This type of blender can handle both soft and medium hard ingredients. You can use it to prepare smoothies, protein shakes, milkshakes and baby food. If you are planning to buy a traditional blender, consider the technology of each brand. Today, there are countertop blenders with advanced technology such as smart settings, pre-programmed settings, and function options. You can check out the Prime Shop Kitchen to see examples of innovative countertop blenders this year.

Personal Blenders

Is there such a thing as an on-the-go blender?

Yes, there is!

A personal blender has become one of the most sought out types of blenders in the market within these past years. This blender is similar to a countertop blender but only has different mixing tank design. The tank of a personal blender is either slimmer or smaller. The idea is to make the tank portable as if it is a simple bottle. Personal blenders feature cap bottles to house all the contents inside. If you want an on the go supply of your nutritious drink, this is your best choice.

High-Performing Blenders

This type of blender is designed for heavy duty blending. It can handle large quantities of ingredients. It can even pulverize the toughest ingredients such as ice, nuts, and hard vegetables. You can use a high-performing blender for preparing smoothies, purees, shakes, soup, hummus, salsa and many more.

High-performing blenders are convenient; however, you need to pay for it. Such blenders are expensive, yet a worthy investment.

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