There are a lot of advantages of growing plants, especially when you have a well-spaced yard. But how about people who live in an apartment? Can they grow two or more plants too? Yes, they can. Check this post to find out how.

One of the common reasons why people who live in an apartment or condominium or in cities where concrete homes are predominant can’t grow plants is due to lack of quality space. However, that should not stop you from growing herbs or some simple houseplants.


Here are some useful tips that will guarantee you a successful apartment gardening:

#1: Choose the right plant

One of the common reasons why it is challenging to grow plants in apartment areas is due to the wrong choice of plants to grow. You can grow plants inside your apartment homes, but not all types of plants can grow healthily.

Here are some of the top plants that you can grow inside your apartment:

  • Several herbs can grow well in containers; these include mint, chives, lavender, parsley, thyme, basil, and more. Check Fig & Spruce and find out how to grow herbs well using small containers.
  • Tomatoes, although they can get heavy, these plants grow well too in pots. However, you need a container at least 30 inches in diameter.
  • Salad greens can also be grown in your apartment; these include lettuce, spinach, and more.
  • Meyer lemons are the easiest citrus to grow. Since it does not grow big, this dwarf citrus tree is conducive for indoor setup. However, the plant requires 6 – 8 hours of sun per day; so, place the small tree at your balcony or the window to receive nutrients from the sun.
  • Strawberry plants can also be grown in your apartment, even in a small-sized container. However, it requires at least 6 hours of sun per day; so, it should be placed at your window or balcony. Also, it requires constant watering to make the soil moist, but not soggy.

#2: Choose the right spot

If you have figured out which plant to grow, you should look for the right location where it can live. Windows with less light (north-facing) or more light (south-facing)? Or are you growing a plant that requires enough space in your apartments such as at the balcony, patio, or roof access? Or are you planning to have some vertical or hanging gardens?

Before choosing a spot, you should understand how the plant grows. Does it require hours of sunlight or can it live without too much of it? Does it require enough ventilation or can it be placed inside the apartment? Know your plants before growing one.

#3: Know what container to use

One of the best things about growing the small plant indoors is how cheap you can go with the containers. But how big do you need your containers? Try to read about the plant and learn how it grows before deciding on what type of container will the plant live in.

Final Thoughts

Study about the plant that you want to grow in your apartment; including the following:

  • Learn how and when to feed it with fertilizer and if it requires one.
  • Learn when to water the plants.
  • Learn when to harvest.
  • Learn how to solve pest problems.