It is fun to ride on UTVs/ATVs; however, in technical aspects, these types of vehicles have slight high maintenance. One of the highly maintained parts of a UTV/ATV is its tire; you can’t just pick any tire you want, it has to be a specialized tire that is specifically made for UTV/ATV.

If you are currently looking for the best UTV tires but got no idea where to start, let these following features give you some ideas on which UTV tire you should purchase. However, before going through the features, you should know the different types of UTV/ATV tires.

There are different types of UTV/ ATV tires that you’ll encounter, each tire is designed differently for a specific purpose; for instance:

  • The all-terrain tire is designed for all types of terrain – muddy, snowy, wet, rocky, and uphill. However, even though you can use this type of tire to any environment, they don’t function exceptionally, unlike UTV/ATV tires that are designed for specific terrain.
  • UTV tire for muddy terrain is designed with wide and deep treads that are ideal on soft and muddy terrain without difficulties.
  • Sand tires for UTV are designed with a paddle-like tread that helps scoop the sand for better traction and maneuverability.
  • Racing tires have a knob-like pattern that moves smoothly on medium to hard terrains. Also, tires like these are lightweight.

If you have decided which type of tire to use, it is time to go deeper into the features.

#1: Better ply rating

Depending on the type of UTV tire you are planning to purchase, you need to consider its ply rating. The ply rating is the percentage of layers of materials or fibers that make a tire; the more the ply added, the stronger the tire becomes.

If you are going to purchase a tire, make sure it has better ply ratings. However, there are some exceptions; due innovations on tire technology and by using upgraded materials, the durability of a tire can now be achieved without having to increase the ply.

If this makes you confuse, you can always read reliable posts and reviews on the brand of UTV tire that you are planning to purchase.

#2: Flat versus Round tires and Bias versus Radial

You might also encounter these two features – the flat tire and round tire. Do not get confused; these types of tire have specifics.

  • Flat tires are ideal for medium and hard terrains, as well as, tough uphill.
  • Round tires are designed for soft surfaces, such as sandy terrain, where it won’t get stuck on the terrain but will sink and move.

#3: Lightweight tires

The heavy the tire, the more the engine needs to work to move the entire vehicle. If you are going to choose a set of tire today, consider the size of your engine and its ability to support the entire vehicle; you may also consider purchasing lightweight but durable tires.

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If you are confused between tires, consider purchasing the tire that fits your UTV to function exceptionally. You may also read some reliable posts and reviews on the website.