Do you need a new cutting board?

If you do, chances are you might have searched for advice and tips from various online sources on which type of material is best for a cutting board. One thing you will notice is the conflicting advice of these online sources. Some say wooden cutting boards are the best, whereas others will point you to plastic cutting boards. Given these varying options and tips, selecting the right cutting board can get a little confusing and overwhelming.

Wooden cutting boards are the best material when it comes to durability. Unfortunately, this type of kitchen implement is high-maintenance. Moreover, wooden cutting boards are more expensive compared to its counterpart.

Meanwhile, a plastic cutting board is a great choice if you are looking for cheap options. Also, plastic chopping boards are best for cutting raw meat since it is easier to clean. However, this option has a lesser lifespan, and there is a risk of bacteria accumulation.

Now, have you thought of buying a bamboo cutting board?

A bamboo cutting board is a compromise between wooden and plastic cutting boards. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows within three to six years. Hence, it is a renewable and sustainable source, unlike hardwood that takes thirty to forty years to grow.

Albeit bamboo is a grass, this material is impressively durable and long-lasting. Bamboo surfaces heal quickly and resistant to impact. Likewise, the material has anti-microbial properties. It stops bacteria from festering on its surface. Therefore, bamboo is one of the most sanitary materials for cutting boards in existence.

What is the Top-Seller Bamboo Cutting Board Today? 

Over the years, bamboo has become a popular material for cutting boards. You will notice a large number of bamboo cutting board brands in the market when you go to a physical store or online. With all these options, which is the most reliable brand?

Royal Craft Wood is one of the leading brands of kitchenware and implements made from bamboo. They value craftsmanship, experience, and technology. They specialize in manufacturing eco-friendly kitchen products from bamboo. And the brand assures that buyers can expect 100% quality, innovation, and excellent craftsmanship from their products.

The Premium Bamboo Cutting Board is one of Royal Craft Wood’s top-seller kitchen products. It is both aesthetically appealing and durable. This bamboo cutting board is a smart choice whether you need a cutting board at home or a gift.

This bamboo cutting board from Royal Craft Wood also excels in versatility. It has an extra-large surface that allows you to cut or chop several ingredients at once. Moreover, it is a professional grade knife-friendly cutting board.

Unfortunately, the grooves of this cutting board are not deep enough for meat. Also, it tends to splinter when in the dishwasher. If you need a cutting board with deeper grooves or a dishwasher-friendly, see these top cutting boards picks for alternatives.


The Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board is a great investment in the kitchen. It is a good value for the money given its beauty, durability, and functionality.

If you are curious to know more about this option, go to this source. Also, find out more here the best cutting boards of 2020.