YouTube utilizes similar algorithms for websites and video ranking with the Google search engine. In this article, you will learn how to boost your YouTube video in search ranking results.

YouTube is an effective platform for SEO. It is a hub of billions of active users, making it the best place for entrepreneurs to advertise a business. It has a huge potential to increase customer conversion in your business and attract loyal consumers.

However, YouTube SEO works effectively when used correctly. If you are new to this marketing strategy, here are some youtube seo tips to optimize your video’s visibility and search ranking.

#1 Use Keywords in the Video Title

SEO relies on the effective use of keywords. These are the set of words or phrases that internet users often type on the search engine to look for a particular item or website. If an SEO content has no keywords, chances are, people won’t see the content, and it is most likely not to appear in the search engine results.

The use of keywords applies to all SEO content, including YouTube videos. It is important to include the relevant keywords in the title to assure a higher ranking in the search engine results. Take note that the keywords on the video title determine whether the viewer will click the video or not. Thus, make sure to create a clear, concise, and compelling video title with relevant SEO keywords.

#2 Work on the Video Description

YouTube description has a 1,000-character limit for every video. With such a length of characters, it is enough for short-written content but too much for a mere video description. Remember that your viewer intends to watch the video, not read the description. Hence, make it brief and informative.

The keywords you include in the video description likewise optimize the content for YouTube search. Therefore, do not skip the video description and include the keywords related to your content. It also doesn’t hurt to add links that will lead the viewer to your official website and social media accounts.

#3 Tag Relevant Keywords

Another way to increase your video’s search engine ranking is by tagging popular keywords. These keywords are the common words viewers tend to look up in the search engine. Moreover, tagging these keywords allows the viewers to understand the content and context of the video at first glance.

While it is encouraged to tag popular keywords, beware not to add all types of keywords to broaden content search. Google penalizes content that adds irrelevant keywords. Thus, be smart in selecting which keywords to use.

#4 Use a Custom Thumbnail

In written content, readers depend on the title on whether to read the blog post or not. In the case of videos, the first thing viewers notice is the main image or thumbnail of the video. It influences them whether to watch the video or scroll down to search for more. Experts say that a custom thumbnail works effectively in increasing the number of clicks in a YouTube video.

#5 Don’t Ignore SRT File 

Did you know that adding an SRT file for subtitles and closed captions improves YouTube search optimization? When you highlight the important keywords in the SRT file, the platform automatically recognizes these keywords to narrow content search. Thus, when you upload a YouTube video for SEO, make sure to add an SRT file embedded with relevant keywords.