“Life begins at forty” or so they say. Being an adult indeed has its benefits. You can travel across the world, have fun, and experience all the things you enjoy. But being an adult also has its downfall. As you hit this age, you will begin to feel aging hit you. Your body hurt more than usual, and you are no longer as vivacious as before. And once you reach the age of 60, your body becomes more fragile and vulnerable to diseases.

At age 60 and beyond, your body starts to experience drastic changes. Your muscle mass suddenly decreases, and you gain more weight. Moreover, it is harder to move, where even simple physical activities are painful. All of these are a result of aging.

Aging is not enough reason to stop being healthy and fit. It is a good opportunity to take care of more of your body and general well-being. To help you live a healthier life at 60, below are some tips you should follow.

#1 Choose a Healthy Diet

If you spend most of your time eating fast food when you were younger, now is the right time to stop and change it with a healthier diet.

For example, instead of eating toast, replace it with a slice of whole-grain bread, partnered with fruit juice. Also, add more vegetables and fruits in your meal. Foods that are rich in fiber and antioxidants are also welcome. Fiber reduces the chances of various conditions, such as constipation, heart disease, colon cancer, and weight loss. Furthermore, it helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, antioxidants fight the effects of aging due to oxidation.

#2 Be Active and Fit

Adults and elders are advised to exercise regularly. Staying active and fit will help you prevent chronic conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even depression.

However, you have to consider your medical condition before picking out an exercise regimen. If you have arthritis, joint problems, muscle issues, and other similar conditions, it is best to choose a low-impact exercise. You can ask a professional trainer to help you find the perfect exercise program that is suitable for your body.

#3 Stay Mentally Healthy

Mental wellness includes both brain functions and well-being. Poor memory and cognitive decline are common problems that go with aging, especially when you reach the age of 60 and above. But it does not mean there’s nothing you can do.

The key to enhancing your brain functions despite old age is by never stopping learning. Keep on challenging your mind by doing various activities. For example, participating in lectures, playing a musical instrument, and reading a book will help your mind stay active.

#4 Build Relationships

Cultivating relationship does not stop with aging. Experts suggest that older adults must learn to socialize, talk with friends or family members, and experience outdoors. Being socially active will prevent loneliness and social isolation. Also, having a group of friends you can talk to is the best support you can get.

More Advice

Do you need more tips on how to embrace aging gracefully? Go to HealthyProAging.com – an informative source that guides elders on how to cope up with aging and live healthily.