Hammocks are not exclusively for outdoor use; you can hang them indoors too. But how sturdy your hammock can get when hanged inside your home?

Hanging the hammock inside the house is not as easy a task as hanging it outside. Fortunately, there are ways on how to hang the hammock inside your home without overlooking efficiency and safety. Below is a list of how you should do it:

#1: Choose between three hanging options

There are several ways to hang a hammock indoors, but these three are the most popular – using a hammock stand, using ropes and cords, or using chains.

  • A hammock stand is one of the efficient and easiest ways to hang your hammock inside your house; with a hammock stand, you can easily hook or unhook your hammock from the stand without having a hard time securing a rope or cord to a beam. Plus, you can easily move the stand and the hammock anywhere inside your home.
  • Using ropes and cords is a traditional way to hang a hammock. You need to drill two hooks into the wall beam or ceiling, attach the rope, and link it to each of the hammock’s eyes in a safe, secure, and tight knot.
  • If you are not confident with knot-tying, you should consider buying chains to hang your hammock inside your home. Chains are secure and heavy-duty suspension materials that you can easily adjust by using s-hooks; still, similar to using ropes and cords, you have to drill two hooks into the wall beam or ceiling to hang the hammock.

If you want to hang a hammock indoors without drilling, you should check these tips on how to hang a hammock indoors with ease.

#2: Take measurements

If you have decided not to use a hammock stand, you need to configure how to use up space where you plan to hang your hammock without compromising the room’s and the hammock’s accessibility and safety. You have to consider the following:

  • Measure the ridgeline. It is to measure the distance between the two ends of the hammock.
  • Measure the distance between the two sides where you plan to drill the hooks.
  • The height of the attachment points is based on the hammock’s size, the room size or functionality, the safe height, and the length of the rope or chains.
  • Measure the height of your hammock from the ground. Make sure that your hammock is not too high and not too low – just right enough to make you feel safe and comfortable.

#3: Do a test

After drilling the hooks and installing the hammock, you need to determine how secure it is by checking the tension weight. Give the ropes or the chains a firm tug and test it yourself. Is it safe and comfortable? Make sure it is comfortable enough to use but not compromising your safety. Try to read other reliable guides on how to hang a hammock indoors to ensure that you are hanging your hammock the right way.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to hang a hammock inside your home, but the essential part is hanging your hammock without compromising your safety.