One of the biggest misconceptions of playing video games is that all of them can cause video game addiction that can affect a person’s social life and overall health; well, that is an overstatement. The truth is, video or mobile games are originally designed to entertain thousands of people amid stressful demands in life.

To understand how video games can relieve stress, you should know the 3 stress types first –acute stress, chronic stress, and episodic acute stress.

  • Acute stress – is the most common type of stress; this is often triggered when a person is experiencing a traumatic situation.
  • Chronic stress – This triggers when a person feels being pushed over to the edge. It destroys the victim’s mind, body, and life.
  • Episodic acute stress – People with this type of stress are constantly on the rush and disorganized; they can be hostile towards others. They often take more responsibilities than they can handle.

Video games can help people cope with stress. Unlike what everyone thinks, studies are proving that video games can make people feel better, especially during critical times. The reason behind it is there are video games that are designed to help a person refocus and rebuild new patterns that help in coping with stressful situations. However, in clarification, not all video games can relieve you from anxiety and frustration caused by stressful situations.

So, if you are going to try this option to reduce stress, here are some helpful ways on how to choose the perfect video games to relieve stress.

#1: Know the different types of video games

There are several types of video games; namely:

  • Action game – This is an action game with the game’s character has to beat each challenge to proceed to another level. Action game can be in any form – platformer (ex. Super Mario Bros), shooter, fighting, beat-em-up, stealth, survival, and rhythm.
  • Action-adventure games – Another action game but this time it is themed with two concepts – action and exploration or solving puzzles, patterns, and game problems.
  • Adventure games – It is a game themed with exploration, solving puzzles, patterns, and game problems.
  • Role-playing games – The most popular type of video game today; packed with hardcore themes and created with a storyline.
  • Simulation games – This is designed to imitate reality.
  • Strategy games – Most of these are board games.
  • Sports games – Simulates sports such as basketball, football, and more.
  • Puzzle games – Logic and puzzles with single or two players.
  • Idle games – These games do not have critical set-ups; examples are Tetris, card games, Minecraft, and more.

#2: Consider the length of time you can play

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a perfect video game is to know the length of time you can play. Remember, you are choosing a game that can help you beat stress and not beat your current social life and productivity.

If you are going to beat stress or cool off from tension that your body is experiencing due to stressful tasks at home or the office, short adventure, simulation, puzzle games are a few of the best options. However, if you have enough time to relax, you should try role-playing games – it’s fun.