You probably have heard about “The Social Man” – an online source of successful dating, courting, and how to make a relationship strong and long. The Social Man was founded by Christian Hudson; his company aims to promote confidence in men who have problems approaching the woman he likes or some acquaintance.

The Social Man offers a series of different products, which focuses on making a guy more sociable and “boyfriend material”. The company has two main products – the Girlfriend Activation System and the Superpowers – which are popular.

Girlfriend Activation System

Girlfriend Activation System or GFAS is an online video course that provides techniques on how to get a girlfriend. The main focus of GFAS is to help men improve their confidence in terms of impressing someone they like and how to successfully play the game of dating and courting.

GFAS offers 10+ informative hours of video lessons, which is comprised of the following:

  • First Chapter – 30 minutes overview and explanation about the program by the founder and author himself, Christian Hudson.
  • Second Chapter – Drilling into the core meaning of masculine power when it comes to dominance between male and female that drives attraction.
  • Third Chapter – The focus of this chapter is man’s competence becoming the “ideal” or the “boyfriend material”. This chapter explains the following hallmarks of competence:
    • Understanding actions that can control the emotions
    • How to balance fun and responsibility when in relationship
    • How to become a better man when starting a relationship more than it consumes you.
  • Fourth Chapter – This chapter talks about a woman’s point of view in terms of attraction, featuring the founder’s girlfriend.
  • Fifth Chapter – Features a guest speaker, Nick Sparks, who is an expert when it comes to sexuality, connection, and respect.
  • Sixth Chapter – Features another expert, Jason Capital; in this chapter, he had explained why most women are attracted to challenging men.

There are more chapters that you should discover, but to give you some heads up, here’s a quick summary on the next chapters:

  • The next chapters will talk about how to become the “ideal guy” or “boyfriend material”
  • You’ll get effective tips and techniques on how to impress the girl you like that will lead to communication and into intimacy and finally having a strong and honest relationship.

If you want to get into details about the program, but you are not sure if it is worth your money, time, and effort, you should read a review worth your time; this will help you understand why more and more men are finding the online course effective when it comes to the laws of attraction.

Is it legit?

There are a couple of doubts that surround Social Man’s programs, but you can’t ignore the fact have been at there are several men who trusts the program and still in subscription with their program, especially the “Superpowers” – a highly recommended online course that will teach you how to make a woman obsessed with you. In other words, Social Man’s Girlfriend Activation System and Superpower are legit.