There are so many scuba dive computers available in this modern market. What make them outstand from the rest are the perfect functionalities of their services they will offer to you while diving. You need a good device that will work out best as you dive.  Which are the best top models that you can find them beneficial?

Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer

This is the perfect device that is lately in the market. It has a clear screen and a large one that displays numbers, graphs and models. You can quickly access your information without having difficulties. It creates confidence in you while under the water with the easy to use buttons.

It has an adjustable wrist strap that firmly attaches on your wrist as you dive. With this device you will take long to upgrade to a new model due to the rebreather functionality and trimix features. It has a bright colorful screen that assures to read your information correctly.

Cressi Newton Titanium Dive Computer Watch

It is one of the compact devices with a small diameter. It has a program that process all your diving information and also if you need decompression. It has all the required features making it your best companion during your diving experience.

Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer Wristwatch

They are mostly liked by most professional divers and for a good reason. They have a built up of high quality and you can easily use them. It is light in weight with a large screen feature making it easy for you to read the information on the screen. The screen gives you the data you need and want and you can easily access different menus using a one button.

You can use it in fresh water and salty water and you can replace the battery when it is worn out or has low energy. You can decide to program it from 21% to 50% for Nitrox. It can operate in a depth of 492 feet and a logbook that record up to 50 dives.

Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

It has a simple design while looking at it but with a lot of features with highly advanced technology. It has a RGBM decompression algorithm to make your diving experience safer. It can tell you to stop completely or slow down using a sound alarm.

This feature can be updated and there is no need to replace it with a new model. When you invest on suunto D4i Novo, you can never regret it. It has a comfortable strapping system that you can put on your wrist. It has different diving modes like nitrox and air to inform you on the amount of air left in your tank.


You need a good operational dive computer to change your diving experience while using it. With this detailed scuba dive computer review your work is now easy. You can just select your best model and purchase without stress of trying to get a good one by yourself. A top rated model is the best to use in your diving as it has more recommendations from different people.