Pregnancy is not easy.

Any pregnant women experience a lot of difficulties; this includes having painful leg cramps during the second and or third trimester. This happens because of several reasons that include fatigue, the uterus is pressing on particular nerves going to the lower extremities, and the growing baby is putting pressure on the blood circulation that leads to poor blood circulation to the lower extremities.

Fortunately, leg cramps can be minimized during pregnancy by using the “maternity compression leggings”; these maternity compression leggings are specially designed maternity tights that promote leg compression from the thigh to the ankle.

Why should a pregnant woman consider using maternity compression leggings? Other than to minimize leg cramps the following are other reasons why maternity compression is one of the essential items for pregnant women:

Reason #1: It helps prevent varicose vein formation

One of the notable changes for most pregnant women, especially during her trimester, is the varicose vein formation. As mentioned earlier, the weight from the growing fetus, putting pressure at the inferior vena cava. Due to the blood’s inability to circulate well, specifically at the lower extremities, the blood starts to pool, which causes the veins to dilate, swell, sore, and make you feel uncomfortable.

The compression leggings promote the venous blood to flow well and back into the heart; thus, preventing varicose vein formation.

Reason #2: It helps improve blood circulation

The maternity compression leggings are designed to improve blood circulation during pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, the pressure placed at the inferior vena cave from the growing fetus causes poor blood circulation at the lower extremities, which causes several health problems including varicose veins, tired legs, swollen ankles, and Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Fortunately, the compression leggings are designed to promote blood circulation during pregnancy by micro-massaging the lower extremities.

Reason #3: It helps support your back

The growing fetus adds the weight of the bump, which causes back pain and discomfort. The maternity compression leggings are designed to support the back and the growing bump. The special elasticized pouch carefully supports the bump while it helps alleviate the pulling feeling that most pregnant experiences from their growing bump.

So, isn’t maternity compression leggings worth-it?

Yes; it is.

However, before purchasing a pair of maternity compression leggings, you should know the level of pressure that the compression leggings have.

  • 15-20 mmHg – This is usually prescribed to combat minor varicose vein and swelling of legs.
  • 20-30 mmHg – As prescribed by the physician, this type of compression legging is designed to reduce, alleviate, and combat bad swelling and varicose vein pain.

Additionally, there are maternity compression leggings that are designed for the post-partum stage; you may also check on these.

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Pregnancy is not easy; every pregnant and once have become pregnant will understand.

Maternity compression leggings are a big help for pregnant women; in fact, it is considered one of the essentials during pregnancy. If you need additional details about compression leggings, you may visit Compression Carl’s website – a reliable review and guide website for compression leggings.