One of the popular types of dress shoes is ‘The Oxford’ – it is timeless, classy, versatile, and excellent dress up and daily wear.

The Oxford dress shoes are those dress-up shoes designed with ‘closed lacing’; this means that the shoelace eyelets tabs are attached under the shoes’ vamp. Also, an Oxford dress shoe is a three-part paneled shoe with elongated toe (with or without cap toe), and with stitched leather sole.

If you are going to purchase Oxford dress shoes today, here is a quick guide on how to choose the best pair of Oxford dress shoes:

Tip #1: Know the different types of Oxford dress shoe

Several types of Oxford dress shoes are out in the market today – cap-toe Oxford, wingtip Oxford, whole-cut/ one-piece Oxford, plain-toe Oxford, and more.

  • Cap-toe Oxford – It is the most popular Oxford dress shoe today. The reason behind its name is the extra piece of the leather – the toe cap – is added across the shoe’s toe box. Also, most of the cap-toe Oxfords are designed with a heel cap. An honest Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Oxford Dress Shoe review is available for you to check everything about this type of Oxford leather dress shoe.
  • Wingtip Oxford – This is a pointed toe-cap Oxford dress shoe that has extensions – the wingtips – which usually are extended at both sides of the shoe. Wingtip Oxford is considered as one of the casual types of Oxford shoes.
  • Whole-cut/ one-piece Oxford – The shoes have an upper and were cut from a single piece of leather and have one seam found at the heel of the shoe.
  • Plain-toe Oxford – The basic and simplest type of Oxford dress shoes; it is designed with quarter and vamp. It doesn’t have a leather cap at the toe box and does not have broguing.

Tip #2: Choose an Oxford dress shoe that matches your style

Which Oxford dress shoe do you think matches your style?

Again, Oxford dress shoes come in different styles; however, not all of them will fit your everyday style at the office. So, when you purchase an Oxford dress shoe today, make sure to purchase a pair of Oxford dress shoes that will match your everyday office attire, as well as, your overall personality.

Tip #3: It must be comfortable

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a pair of Oxford dress shoes is finding out how comfortable the shoes are.

Is the shoe well-padded? Is it designed with extra padding for comfort? Are the insoles designed with perforated cushioning? If you are unsure if the shoes are comfortable enough for everyday office use, you can read reliable posts and reviews about the shoes you are planning to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right shoe matter – it can make or break the overall attire (either for attending a formal event or for everyday office wear).

If you are confused about which Oxford dress shoes you should purchase, you only have to remember these – know the different types of Oxford dress shoes, check if it matches your everyday style and it must be comfortable.