A smoothie is a luxurious, sweet, and creamy beverage. It is brain-freezing cold yet everybody loves it. It is a favorite that cuts across age, sex, and race. And avocado smoothie? It is one of the most nutritious standalone shake that the world has ever known.

Smoothie, shake, sinh to bo, es apokat, crème de abacate. Call it by whatever name you want. It is just as sweet as the others and prepared just like the others. They are the world’s favorite. The reason is simple: it requires a no non-sense process where one throws everything in a blender, pulsates the motor for a minute or so, and voila, a pitcher filled to the brim with all the goodness of a chilled smoothie! It is a delicious way of beating the heat, and it goes well with burger, pizza, fries or hotdogs.

Most importantly, it can be filling enough to stand in for a meal without the usual mess in the kitchen. The equation gets better if the fruit used is fresh. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t use frozen fruits for smoothies. After all, most fruits are seasonal. What if your craving for an avocado smoothie comes when it’s the off-season for avocados? That can be frustrating.

Nevertheless, if you buy avocados while these are in season and put them in the freezer, then you’ll have something to “pick out” and use for your smoothie anytime you want. Don’t worry about using frozen avocados for your smoothie, lots of people do that. Don’t be afraid of breaking the blender’s blade because the frozen avocado is too hard. Read through this guide on how to blend frozen fruit, and you’ll find out just how easy it is to use frozen fruit, in this case avocados, for your smoothie.

However, you may be wondering just why avocados deserve special mention when it comes to refreshing smoothies. Well, an avocado smoothie is tops. The fruit called butter fruit in Vietnam is now regarded as a super fruit for packing in about fourteen to twenty two very essential nutrients with a long list of health benefits. Most notable are its anti-cancer, anti-hypertension, anti-cholesterol, anti-bacterial functions.

Add in anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E and glutathione. Put in iron, calcium, sodium, zinc and potassium triple that found in banana. Its oil is mostly monounsaturated that lowers down bad cholesterol. Its flesh is loaded with carbohydrates with soluble fibers and spiked even with protein. Just think of the various recipes for juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and even viands that use avocados. That’s a testament to the versatility of the fruit. Is there anything else needed to make it more perfect than that?

If and when the avocado smoothie is prepared and you want to make sure of its health integrity, the choice of milk and sweetener might just make a difference. Opt for honey and some fresh or skimmed milk and the final avocado smoothie is just as great as promised.

Fuss-free, fast, easy, nutritious, chilled and loaded with all the goodness of an avocado, can it be better than that?