Best Waterproof Facial Brushes to Buy this 2019

Washing your face with water and soap isn’t enough. It can’t truly get rid of the dirt stuck on the pores, as well as the microbes hiding underneath the grime and oil. What you need is the right tool to eradicate those grime, dead skin, and dirt.

A facial brush is a perfect tool for facial cleaning and skincare. Using a facial brush assures that your face is 100% dirt-free and healthy. It stops the growth of pimples and skin irritation making your face look youthful, beautiful, and radiant.

What are the Best Facial Brushes to Buy?

Facial brush is quite popular in the skincare market. Hence, expect that there are several brands of facial brushes out there. Thus, when you buy a facial brush, consider factors such as the design, cleaning performance, speed variations, and available brushes of the product. It will help to narrow your choices and find the best options.

To make things easier for you, here are the top-selling waterproof facial brushes that are worth spending money. Check out this post: to find out more info regarding these facial brushes.

#1 Clarisonic Mia2

The Clarisonic Mia2 is a professional grade waterproof facial brush. Dermatologists highly recommend this brand for its excellent performance in getting rid of dirt and keeping healthy skin.

This facial brush can remove dirt, grime, makeup, and even excess skin oil with ease. It is gentle to the skin, which makes it perfect for all skin types. This skincare tool has two-speed variations wherein one is for sensitive skin.

The Clarisonic Mia2 comes with nine different brushes for everyday cleaning, deep cleansing, and makeup blending.

#2 ClarisonicMiaFIT

The Clarisonic will never let you run out of options. If you are looking for a compact and a portable facial brush, worry not! The Clarisonic introduces the Mia FIT, the most convenient facial brushes to invest this year.

The Mia FIT by Clarisonic has the perfect size for traveling. It is small enough to pack in cosmetic bags and pouches. But don’t let the size of this skincare tool fool you. It is one of the powerful facial brushes in the market. It is powerful enough to remove stubborn dirt, grime, and dead skin. It does a good job in assuring your face is clean, glowing, and healthy.

The product is 100% waterproof and has a two-speed setting. It also has nine brush heads.


The Foreo Luna2 is perfect for buyers who fancy stylish facial brushes. This product has a unique design and a compact tool.

The power of Foreo Luna2 is not something to belittle. It can remove dirt, dead skin, and grime on pores. It also improves skin condition. The reverse side helps in smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Also, the waterproof feature of the product is a great plus!

The Foreo Luna2 comes in different colors. Each represents particular use; pink is for normal skin, blue is for combination skin, green for oily skin, and purple for sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

If you are still having a hard time choosing one, ask help from Younger Skin Guide. This website offers a complete guideline and product reviews about facial brushes. Right here, you’ll get the answers you need.

A Quick to Follow Guide on How to Make Mouth-watering Smoked Chicken

Is chicken meat one of your favorites? If it is, you won’t probably turn down a delicious smoked chicken on the table.

Chicken is one of the easiest meats to smoke. Moreover, a whole chicken slowly roasted in smoke is the best thing you’ll ever taste. The smoky flavor easily melts in your mouth, making you crave for more.

Perfecting a smoked chicken is effortless. Here are some tips to help you make a mouth-watering chicken that will surely satisfy your appetite.

Pick the Right Chicken

Choosing the right chicken meat is the first step towards a tasty meal. Some people ignore this fact thinking all chicken meat is similar. It is entirely wrong.

Always pick a plump and fresh chicken. Avoid buying shriveled chicken meat that has been frozen for a long time like those you find in the supermarket. Frozen chicken is practically tasteless. Letting it stay in the freezing for a long time sucks out the meat’s moisture.

Also, evade chicken with mixed with a solution. The solution is chemical called brine that makes the chicken appear plump and fresh. But in reality, they’re not, and it tastes awful.

It’s All about the Rub and Marinade

After picking a fresh chicken, the next you need to do is to prepare the seasoning and marinade. Select ingredients for your marinade and rub that you prefer. You can go all traditional with herbs and spices, or make a sweet roasted chicken.

Rub all the herbs on the chicken. The next step is to soak the chicken meat in the marinade you prepared. Make sure to let it stay for several hours or overnight. Let the flavor sink inside out of the meat.

Another trick that experts use to add flavor to the chicken is to place spices in the cavity like garlic and onions. The spices will enhance the taste from the inside.

Look for the Right Wood

The wood you are going to use to smoke the chicken will affect its flavor. The best wood to use is hickory, apple, and cherry. And if you can’t find one of these, any fruitwood would work.

Avoid choosing pine, or any softwood for that matter for it will ruin the meat’s flavor.

Maintain the Perfect Heat Level

The best way to cook chicken meat is to use a higher temperature for a part of the cooking time. Start your smoker temperature about 225 to 350F degrees for a whole chicken. Cook the meat for at least an hour.

Avoid slow cooking chicken meat. It will turn the skin rubbery and tough. And cooking it above the recommended temperature will cause the skin to render too much fat and moisture.

Use a Functional Smoker

The key to perfecting a smoked chicken is getting the right temperature. Thus, it is best to get a smoker with temperature control. You can get examples of the best smoker with this feature here at Additionally, right on this source, you will see additional info regarding smoking meat and advice from the experts.

Are you ready to make your version of smoked chicken?

Start today with the help of Pioneer Smoke Houses!

The Social Man: Drilling into Girlfriend Activation System

You probably have heard about “The Social Man” – an online source of successful dating, courting, and how to make a relationship strong and long. The Social Man was founded by Christian Hudson; his company aims to promote confidence in men who have problems approaching the woman he likes or some acquaintance.

The Social Man offers a series of different products, which focuses on making a guy more sociable and “boyfriend material”. The company has two main products – the Girlfriend Activation System and the Superpowers – which are popular.

Girlfriend Activation System

Girlfriend Activation System or GFAS is an online video course that provides techniques on how to get a girlfriend. The main focus of GFAS is to help men improve their confidence in terms of impressing someone they like and how to successfully play the game of dating and courting.

GFAS offers 10+ informative hours of video lessons, which is comprised of the following:

  • First Chapter – 30 minutes overview and explanation about the program by the founder and author himself, Christian Hudson.
  • Second Chapter – Drilling into the core meaning of masculine power when it comes to dominance between male and female that drives attraction.
  • Third Chapter – The focus of this chapter is man’s competence becoming the “ideal” or the “boyfriend material”. This chapter explains the following hallmarks of competence:
    • Understanding actions that can control the emotions
    • How to balance fun and responsibility when in relationship
    • How to become a better man when starting a relationship more than it consumes you.
  • Fourth Chapter – This chapter talks about a woman’s point of view in terms of attraction, featuring the founder’s girlfriend.
  • Fifth Chapter – Features a guest speaker, Nick Sparks, who is an expert when it comes to sexuality, connection, and respect.
  • Sixth Chapter – Features another expert, Jason Capital; in this chapter, he had explained why most women are attracted to challenging men.

There are more chapters that you should discover, but to give you some heads up, here’s a quick summary on the next chapters:

  • The next chapters will talk about how to become the “ideal guy” or “boyfriend material”
  • You’ll get effective tips and techniques on how to impress the girl you like that will lead to communication and into intimacy and finally having a strong and honest relationship.

If you want to get into details about the program, but you are not sure if it is worth your money, time, and effort, you should read a review worth your time; this will help you understand why more and more men are finding the online course effective when it comes to the laws of attraction.

Is it legit?

There are a couple of doubts that surround Social Man’s programs, but you can’t ignore the fact have been at there are several men who trusts the program and still in subscription with their program, especially the “Superpowers” – a highly recommended online course that will teach you how to make a woman obsessed with you. In other words, Social Man’s Girlfriend Activation System and Superpower are legit.

Summer and Canopies

During summer, everyone is given a lot of opportunities to do a lot of different activities since the weather is nice and it won’t become an obstacle to any outdoor activity. This is usually the time when people go out to celebrate and explore nature. Some people go hiking in the mountains to see nature and interact with it. It is also the best time for camping since there will be a smaller chance of rain compared to spring or autumn. You can also go to bike rides and leisure cruises just to relax and enjoy. But there is one thing that we can do really well in summer and that is sweat a lot.

In summer, it can be really hot and depending on where your location or in which country you are situated in; it could also be unbearable and can weaken you. Good thing is that there are a lot of ways to cool down. Drinking Icy and cold drinks helps your body temperature to cool down. But it doesn’t happen permanently since it is really hot. The next thing this article will mention is also not permanent, but it is a more fun way to cool down than drinking. This thing is called swimming.

Now, you can find places to swim near where you live. There are local swimming pools that are filled with water that you can swim into. It is a really effective way to get out of the summer heat. It definitely cools your body down while also giving you a bit of exercise if you are doing laps inside the pool. However, that is not the only place where you can go for a swim.


If you live near the coast, then you go swimming on beaches. Beaches are basically nature’s swimming pools that are available to man and all living creatures here on earth. You can go there and swim and cool down while also enjoying the air and the sunlight that is available in these places. You can even do a lot of activities in the sand like making sand castles, split a watermelon or any bigger fruit in half and even play beach volleyball. These are all things that you can do in the beach and there are even more activities than that. But if you are going to the beach, after going through all of this, you still need to rest since you will be tired. You will need to find a place to get out of the sun and act as a shade. You need a place to place your stuff while you go play in the water. Since you need this, then you would need a pop up canopy.

A pop up Canopy is literally a portable shelter. It gives you shade when you need it and you can easily keep and pack it up when you don’t need it anymore. Now if you have plans to go to the beach and enjoy the ocean, you will need a canopy. If you are looking for the best and you don’t know what you are looking for, Check out this pop up canopy beach comparison chart by a website called Seaside Planet, which is a website dedicated to a lot of different activities that you can do at your nearest coastal side like swimming, diving, surfing and even paddling.

Pain Relief through these Pain Relieving Creams

There are certain things in life that are really annoying once they are there. For this case one of them is muscle pain. Muscle pain can occur when you have really worked your muscle out and have been torn to that use. This is also the signs of muscle growth. It could also happen when your muscle has been in an awkward position for a long time and it needs to be released. Muscle pain happens to all. You can feel it during your work. You can feel it after your exercise. You can feel it when you hurt yourselves. Whatever you did, it will be there. But the thing is there is a way to alleviate it so that it won’t be as a hindrance or annoyance to your everyday life.


In drinkable form

There are things called pain relievers that can help you with that. There are a lot of them in the market that has proven that they can actually work to relieve you of muscle pain. They can come in different forms. The most common one that you can find are in tablet form. You can drink these pain relievers and then after a while you can feel its effects. There are a lot of different Pain Relievers in tablet form out there and also different chemicals or components in them. Some of them could be paracetamol and some of them could be ibuprofen and there are some that are even stronger than these two. These tablet form pain relievers can also come in syrup form, which is usually given to kids and adults who prefer it this way. They usually have the same components as the ones in tablet form. As these Medicines are made in laboratories and factories and are not natural in form, they might have some side effects to some people; not all people.

In Cream Form

There are ones that come in cream form. Now these pain relievers are different since the pain relief it gives can be felt immediately, but it also lasts not as long as the ones in tablet form. These are the ones that you want to apply on the area where the pain is persisting. Then you will start to feel the effects after a few seconds or a minute. As for my experience, they can feel cold at first then it will soothe the area where the pain is. Again, there are ones made in factories that are not totally natural. Then, if you are looking for a natural pain relief cream then I know the answer to that question! Choose Penetrex Pain Relief Cream.

Quit Chronic Fatigue is a website that is dedicated to fighting Chronic Fatigue. They have written a review for a Safe and Natural Pain Relief Cream which is Penetrex Cream. Now you might want to learn more about why is this the case? They have explained the details at their website and their review. Feel free to visit the website and read the article at

The Experience of having an Outdoor Chair for Communication

Your home is your place of refuge that you go to everyday to rest from the fast paced world that you live in today. It is a place where you can receive comfort and rest and relax. It is a place to rejuvenate and renew your motivation to do the most important goals in your life. It is a place where you also want other people to feel at home so that they will be able to interact with you and communicate to their heart’s content without any worry of anything bad happening. That is your home. It is your shelter from the storms of life; literally and figuratively.

If people want to keep their home comfortable and welcoming for their visitors, people tend to decorate their home in a way that it is pleasing to the eye and have a lot of functions for them and their visitors to use. Some people put couches and chairs for them to sit in. Some others have wallpapers or even just straight paint to put colors and designs in their walls. They have furniture that acts with a function and also adds up as decoration in their houses. They also have drapings and curtains for their windows to keep them presentable. You have appliances that give you comfort for the convenience that they give to you. Also, there are the entertainment materials like pool tables, ping pong tables, video game consoles and many more to entertain you and your visitors when you get bored or just want to do something different rather than just straight talking to each other. All of these make your home desirable to live in.

The Adirondack Chair

However, people sometimes tend to forget those conveniences from their lawn and the outside of their homes. Sure, you might keep them clean like keep the grass cut. You might keep your gardens blooming and growing. But people tend to forget to put some of those conveniences that you have inside your home outside.

The great outdoors is also a great place to chat and to interact with your friends and family, especially on a great sunny day where you can have a little outdoor activity in your lawn. You might not even have a chair to sit at. When you have those chairs that you can sit and talk with others outside, it will be a different experience and it is refreshing thing to experience. If you need an outdoor chair, then you need to look for the most stylish and the most useful outdoor chair called the Adirondack chair. The Adirondack is a chair that you can relax on and it also leaves space for you to place a few things on the arms of the chair.

So, if you are looking for a great place to look for the best Adirondack chairs, then look no further and check this link right here now! This link will bring you the Patio Chair, a website that provides great reviews and advice for the Adirondack Chair. It has reviews of the best chairs out in the market and you should definitely check it out.

How Much Does a New Roofing Installation Cost in LA?

The roof is an essential part of your home. It protects you and your family from the sun, rain snow, wind, and other external hazards. Hence, the roof completes the definition of a house, which is to provide shelter to its inhabitants.

A roof can get damaged due to changing weather conditions. The materials wear-off over time, which results in leaks and cracks on the roof’s surface. Hence, a damaged roof can’t offer the security and protection it promises to the dwellers.

If you started to notice cracks and leaks on your roof, don’t wait until it gets worse. Do immediate repairs, or else install new roofing.

In Los Angeles, California, several companies offer commercial and residential roofing. But before you decide to choose one, the first thing you need to do is create a budget plan.

The average price range of roof replacement in LA is about $8,000 to $10,000. Roofing costs vary on the type of project. For example, roof maintenance costs less rather than a new installation. Moreover, roof repairs also differ in prices. It all depends on the severity of the damage or roof problems. So, how can you assure that your budget is enough to cover all the initial roofing cost?

#1 Assess the Roof Condition

If what you need is a roof repair, check first the damages of your roof. Small leaks and cracks are remedied with simple solutions. You can ask a professional to replace the damaged parts or seal crevices and cracks that formed on the roof.

But what if the damage is unrepairable?

Unrepairable roof damages require complete refurbishment. Thus, you’ll have to install new roofing. The cost of roofing installation depends on several factors such as, local labor rates, material costs, roof size, pitch of the roof, and local permits.

#2 Choose the Right Roofing Materials

One of the questions a roofing company might ask you is the type of roofing materials you plan to choose.

A good rule of thumb in handpicking roofing materials is selecting ones based on your locations weather condition. For instance, if you are living in an area that is frequently hit by a storm, choose high-grade roofing materials that can withstand such weather conditions. The same goes if you are living in a mostly sunny area and has a warmer temperature all year round.

Choosing a roofing material that is suitable for the weather condition in your area assures longer roof lifespan and limited damages.

#3 Find a Trustworthy Roofing Company

Roofing company Los Angeles has an excellent reputation in this industry; they often offer alternatives and possible solutions to avoid expensive roofing costs.

A reliable roofing company values transparency. They offer an effective plan and keep you updated on the progress of the project. Furthermore, they value your suggestions as a client and provide better solutions.

Roofing replacement can get higher from $10,000. Indeed, it is not a cheap project. Therefore, you have to place your investment in a reliable roofing company. And one of the leading roofing companies in LA that you should check out is Sun Pacific Roofing.

Blender: Kitchen Appliance You Should Have

There are a lot of recreational activities that  a person can do when he or she is bored, stressed out, or just wanting to try something new that’s good for the soul. Some learn a new skill while others immerse themselves into a new environment. An example of common and the usual go to recreational activity that individuals lean is baking.

It wouldn’t even be a surprise when majority will agree when you tell them that baking is good for the mind and soul because it truly is. Baking is a moment when all your senses are being used and the other senses are being awakened and enhanced. During baking, a person’s mind is made to be focused and creative at the same time. It makes you think about the step by step process and also all the little things you can do and ingredients you can add to perk the finish product up.

One would say that there’s no downside in baking, and that’s one half true. The other half of the truth is that baking only downside is that it can sometimes be tiresome. Your arms and hands will literally feel like you worked out afterward, most especially if you’re preparing for a big number of consumers to devour your finished product. Moreover, when you’re going to prepare to bake, you would realize that you’d need some equipment especially when you’re baking complex pastries to help you hasten the baking process.

A staple equipment when baking is a sturdy and good baking oven where the real magic happens. Another baking equipment you will surely need is a good blender to help you with your mixtures, batters, and the like. Specifically, a good blender is a must because it determines the fate of your finished product i.e. when you’re baking a cake it will help you create a smooth batter.

A consideration when buying a blender if you want to bake like a pro is looking at its versatility that comes with a powerful and sturdy motor. Usually, you will find two blender names which is the immersion blender and hand blender. A brief description of their function would be that an immersion blender is good in pureeing ingredients to make salsa or soups while a hand blender would be more useful when you want to make fluffy meringues.

A very detailed and useful article that can help you know more about the difference between an immersion blender and a hand blender you can head on to: The article is very thorough that it will first make you understand the meaning and real use of a mixer and a blender. It will give you the technicalities of an immersion blender and a stick/hand blender—their differences and their common grounds included. It compares the two baking equipment and it also stated explanations that will help you decide which one suits you and your baking needs more.

In addition, the article summarized and made a conclusion about the two blenders and whether they are worth the buy or not. Either way, it all depends on your choice in the end. However, let the article help you in any way it can by clicking on their website Reading the article is surely worth your time and will help you make a best decision.

Beauty and Maintenance

Everyone would want to look beautiful. Everyone would want people to see them and say you look pretty or handsome. The way we can do this is to present ourselves properly. Let us start with the easiest one first which is our clothes. We should change what we wear into something that fits our look and our style and is also comfortable to us. Usually when we are not comfortable and confident in what we wear it shows in our actions. When we get these clothes that fit us, we should learn how to maintain it. It is done by washing them properly so that they would last longer. This includes even our shoes, although our shoes might not need a thorough clean as our clothes.

The next thing we can change is our hairstyle. Depending on how our hair is styled, people change the way they interact with us. When you got hair that is properly kept, we are usually respected and interact in their best interest. We can easily change the way our hair is styled through a lot of different stuff like haircuts, hair wax or gel or hair sprays, and even just brushing it off with a hair brush or comb will help.

Then we go to our face. Quite frankly, it is hard to make permanent or lasting changes to our face. The ones currently available involve surgery and a lot of pain. However there is a way to make yourself more presentable even if it is just temporary. That is through using makeup. Makeup is the art of making yourself a work of art. Sounds complicated? It is actually a bit hard yet when done correctly you can become one of the most beautiful people around the block. This usually involves placing materials like creams, powder and foundation on your face in order to hide your blemishes and draw contour lines to emphasize the lines in your face. However, this is not permanent. You will need to reapply makeup everyday and even fix it throughout the day. With this, you will need equipment to apply makeup.

The makeup Brush

The most famous makeup equipment is the makeup brush. The makeup brush helps apply the different makeup powders into our face. With continuous use you will likely want to find a way to clean it up. Since it is powder, you might be tempted to wash it and then try to find a way to dry the brush. Now one of those ways that you might think of to dry it quickly is to blow dry it. You might ask yourself: Is this a good idea? You could check here at Ellis James Designs, a website that is dedicated to makeup and their equipment, to learn more about this topic.

The article entitled “Can you Blow Dry Hair Brushes?” talks about what happens when you blow dry your makeup brush. They basically said that you will hurt your makeup brush if you do. If you want to learn more about the details, go visit their website at They also have a load more of informative articles on their website that will definitely help you in your quest to become beautiful and presentable to society.

Everything About Muscle Building

Of course, it is common to know that a great and strong body does not just happen overnight.  Achieving that bulk requires a lot of perseverance, commitment, and of course hard work. But what most of us are not aware of is that, there is a right and proper process to attain that goal. If you are someone who feels like you have to do something with your body and get that strong physique, might as well have a peek at this website that provides different insights about muscle building.

GreenHealthy Shop provides everything we need to know about building and gaining muscle. To start with, we need to know what causes muscle growth. Basically there are two types of muscle growth: one is hypertrophy that is caused by the increasing size of muscle fibers, and the other is hyperplasia that is caused by the number of muscle fibers. There are actually several theories about these muscle growths, but the main and best way to ensure this growth is working hard for it. Lifting, multi-joint, and heavy weights are the key exercises to build muscles fast. Doing exercises with barbells and dumbbells really helps a lot and the heavier the weights, the bigger your muscles grow. More importantly, avoid doing cardio because doing so only puts your efforts to naught.

Having a healthy and proper lifestyle is also critical when it comes to any workout. With this being said, you have to have a schedule that you should follow religiously. This schedule must include routine splits, how many days you should work out in a week, what day should you start and of course your meal plan. There is not really such thing as more effective schedule, but as long as you create and follow one that works best for you, you are in the right path. As much as working out every day sounds good, it is still important that your schedule includes rest in between sessions. By now you should already know that our muscles grow more when they are healing and at rest. Ideally, it is best to have 72 hours of rest before hitting the gym for another session. There isn’t really a way to heal the muscles fast but the best thing you should do during your break is to get enough sleep, and make sure to get yourself healthy food rich in nutrients.

Another thing you must follow is the right diet. While eating a lot may help, you have to take note of the food that is rich in protein and complex carbohydrates.  If you don’t think you are getting all the proper nutrients, it is necessary to add up some supplements like MassZymes 2.0 that allows your body to absorb protein without having to overeat. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated!

They say strong is the new sexy and this is actually just a beginning of your road to reach that built. Nothing worth having comes easy, so do not rush and just trust the process. Progress and bulk slowly but surely. After all, it is not mostly about intensity but consistency. Take one step and increase weight at a time, and remember the three important things: eat, train, and sleep. With your hard work, and GreenHealth Shop to guide, you will surely achieve that goal. Visit now!