Power Avocado Smoothie

A smoothie is a luxurious, sweet, and creamy beverage. It is brain-freezing cold yet everybody loves it. It is a favorite that cuts across age, sex, and race. And avocado smoothie? It is one of the most nutritious standalone shake that the world has ever known.

Smoothie, shake, sinh to bo, es apokat, crème de abacate. Call it by whatever name you want. It is just as sweet as the others and prepared just like the others. They are the world’s favorite. The reason is simple: it requires a no non-sense process where one throws everything in a blender, pulsates the motor for a minute or so, and voila, a pitcher filled to the brim with all the goodness of a chilled smoothie! It is a delicious way of beating the heat, and it goes well with burger, pizza, fries or hotdogs.

Most importantly, it can be filling enough to stand in for a meal without the usual mess in the kitchen. The equation gets better if the fruit used is fresh. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t use frozen fruits for smoothies. After all, most fruits are seasonal. What if your craving for an avocado smoothie comes when it’s the off-season for avocados? That can be frustrating.

Nevertheless, if you buy avocados while these are in season and put them in the freezer, then you’ll have something to “pick out” and use for your smoothie anytime you want. Don’t worry about using frozen avocados for your smoothie, lots of people do that. Don’t be afraid of breaking the blender’s blade because the frozen avocado is too hard. Read through this guide on how to blend frozen fruit, and you’ll find out just how easy it is to use frozen fruit, in this case avocados, for your smoothie.

However, you may be wondering just why avocados deserve special mention when it comes to refreshing smoothies. Well, an avocado smoothie is tops. The fruit called butter fruit in Vietnam is now regarded as a super fruit for packing in about fourteen to twenty two very essential nutrients with a long list of health benefits. Most notable are its anti-cancer, anti-hypertension, anti-cholesterol, anti-bacterial functions.

Add in anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E and glutathione. Put in iron, calcium, sodium, zinc and potassium triple that found in banana. Its oil is mostly monounsaturated that lowers down bad cholesterol. Its flesh is loaded with carbohydrates with soluble fibers and spiked even with protein. Just think of the various recipes for juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and even viands that use avocados. That’s a testament to the versatility of the fruit. Is there anything else needed to make it more perfect than that?

If and when the avocado smoothie is prepared and you want to make sure of its health integrity, the choice of milk and sweetener might just make a difference. Opt for honey and some fresh or skimmed milk and the final avocado smoothie is just as great as promised.

Fuss-free, fast, easy, nutritious, chilled and loaded with all the goodness of an avocado, can it be better than that?

Window Treatment Ideas for the Budget-Constrained

Window treatments are an essential interior decorating style that can give any room a new look. They provide aesthetics, privacy, and control the amount of natural light you want into an area. Seeing all the beautiful photos and tips on how to dress up windows inspire you to drape your own. However, it is somehow dispiriting to launch your ideas knowing how expensive it is to hire a contractor or purchase the required materials.

Don’t be disheartened, though. There are lots of money-saving ideas for window treatments on a budget. For half the amount that you have to pay for expensive items and services for window treatments, you’ll be gratified to know there are ways to transform your windows into stunning frames. Get started with these tips and ideas that you can tailor to any window in your home to match your existing furnishings and decors.

Creative and Frugal Options for Window Treatments

If you have a knack for sewing, you can actually make your own window treatments without the need to hire a contractor. All you need to do is invest in a good industrial sewing machine that’s sturdy enough to sew through heavy fabrics. Once you have your sewing machine, you can repurpose old bed sheets, tablecloths, and even shower curtains into window treatments. Check out these reviews of the best upholstery sewing machines for your money to see what your options are.

Bed Sheets. Old flat bed sheets can be recycled as one of creative ways for window treatments on a budget. Fold down an edge by 3 x 4” and use a pin to fix it in place. Secure the pinned edge to the bed sheet fabric by either sewing or using fabric glue. This creates a sleeve on the top of the bed sheet to insert a curtain rod through.

Tablecloths. The many designs and types of tablecloths are a lot cheaper than curtains. They also come in different sizes and all you need is to select the size and design that fit your window and coordinate with your decors. A lace tablecloth creates a homey, old-fashioned atmosphere to a room, while the heavier type provides privacy and controls light as you desire for your room. One way to hang tablecloths as curtains is to follow the procedure given for bed sheet curtains, while another method is to simply drape the material over the curtain rod.

Shower Curtains. Probably the cheapest and easiest to install among cheap alternatives for curtains are shower curtains. However, if you don’t want your room or kitchen to look like a bathroom extension, stay away from vinyl products. Instead look for those made in decorator fabrics. Hanging them is a breeze since there are already holes along the top edge and you only need to thread them through the curtain rod.

Embellishing Window Treatments

One way to make window treatments on a budget look expensive and stylish is to embellish them. Among the different approaches is to use stencils and fabric paints to add interesting details to the otherwise plain and boring drapes. You may also consider sewing buttons, beads, sequins, and artificial flowers in attractive pattern across the curtain material. If you’re not into sewing, you can decorate with iron-on appliqués or simply gather the panels and tie them with ornate ribbons and curtain holders.

Window treatments don’t have to be elaborate and expensive. All you need is creativity to highlight those openings in the wall and transform them into beautiful windows to frame your view of what’s outside your comfort zone.

Actions to Take When Hearing Loss Symptoms Are Detected

Hearing loss can happen to any person anytime. This type of medical condition can be hereditary or it can be caused by various illnesses. It can also be caused by a person’s work or lifestyle, that is, if he is always exposed to very loud noises that can potentially damage his hearing. Nevertheless, as long as one avoids natural causing factors such as noise, hearing loss symptoms may just be prevented.

However, since noise is already a part of almost every person’s environment, it is important to know what actions one must undertake when symptoms of hearing loss are detected.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

  • People who are experiencing hearing loss are going to have difficulty in understanding words. You would know when hearing loss is present because the signs and symptoms get worse or are magnified when one is in a place full of people or when there is background noise.
  • One is suffering from hearing loss when the sounds or speech that they hear is muffled.
  • The most common and most obvious symptom there is in hearing loss is if one often asks other people to repeat what they are saying and to make their voices louder.
  • One suffers from hearing loss if there is a need for them to turn the volume up on the radio or television set.
  • Hearing loss symptoms also include itching and irritation in the ear as well as ear pain.
  • If there is secretion of liquid from the ear, this can be caused by an injury or infection that may be a result or a cause of hearing loss.
  • Other symptoms include vertigo, hissing, roaring, buzzing, and ringing in the ear.

Actions to Take

The most important precautionary measure to take is to avoid noise as much as possible. The most common cause of hearing loss is listening to excessively loud music. People need to know when the volume is enough. It is also advisable for people who are susceptible to hearing loss because of bloodline to avoid noisy places such as bars and construction sites.

If a person’s line of work exposes him to loud noises all the time, then it would be wise for him to invest in something to protect his hearing, like earmuffs for instance. The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X is a highly-recommended brand and model of earmuffs when it comes to keeping the ears protected from potentially damaging noises. An individual can read the review of MSA earmuffs, which are touted as a leader in workplace safety, online.

Aside from avoiding noise, it is also important for people to know the different illnesses that can cause hearing loss. To be able to avoid hearing loss, one must seek immediate treatments when any of these medical conditions or disease occurs.

There is great importance in knowing and detecting hearing loss symptoms. The earlier the detection of these symptoms, the greater is the chance of the sufferer to recover from or better cope with this kind of impairment. Indeed, hearing loss can be prevented if one knows how to keep himself protected at all times.

The Best Scuba Dive Computers You Cannot Dive Without One

There are so many scuba dive computers available in this modern market. What make them outstand from the rest are the perfect functionalities of their services they will offer to you while diving. You need a good device that will work out best as you dive.  Which are the best top models that you can find them beneficial?

Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer

This is the perfect device that is lately in the market. It has a clear screen and a large one that displays numbers, graphs and models. You can quickly access your information without having difficulties. It creates confidence in you while under the water with the easy to use buttons.

It has an adjustable wrist strap that firmly attaches on your wrist as you dive. With this device you will take long to upgrade to a new model due to the rebreather functionality and trimix features. It has a bright colorful screen that assures to read your information correctly.

Cressi Newton Titanium Dive Computer Watch

It is one of the compact devices with a small diameter. It has a program that process all your diving information and also if you need decompression. It has all the required features making it your best companion during your diving experience.

Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer Wristwatch

They are mostly liked by most professional divers and for a good reason. They have a built up of high quality and you can easily use them. It is light in weight with a large screen feature making it easy for you to read the information on the screen. The screen gives you the data you need and want and you can easily access different menus using a one button.

You can use it in fresh water and salty water and you can replace the battery when it is worn out or has low energy. You can decide to program it from 21% to 50% for Nitrox. It can operate in a depth of 492 feet and a logbook that record up to 50 dives.

Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

It has a simple design while looking at it but with a lot of features with highly advanced technology. It has a RGBM decompression algorithm to make your diving experience safer. It can tell you to stop completely or slow down using a sound alarm.

This feature can be updated and there is no need to replace it with a new model. When you invest on suunto D4i Novo, you can never regret it. It has a comfortable strapping system that you can put on your wrist. It has different diving modes like nitrox and air to inform you on the amount of air left in your tank.


You need a good operational dive computer to change your diving experience while using it. With this detailed scuba dive computer review your work is now easy. You can just select your best model and purchase without stress of trying to get a good one by yourself. A top rated model is the best to use in your diving as it has more recommendations from different people.

A Classic Tool For Treating Dry Eyes

A serious damage can be caused in your eyes if they dry out tears. This can lead you to feel unbearable pain and feel uncomfortable while you are trying to look at different things. You need a reliable lubricant and rehydration tool to bring back the wet eyes.

The lubricating eye drops

There are many types of lubricating eye drops that you can get in the pharmacies. Due to this competition in the market, you are not sure on which product is the best for you. There is no need to worry again get a top product and realize its effectiveness after use. A top product is classic with the best results among the dry eye treatments that are available in the market.

What you need to look in the classic product

The tear like results

When the tear film breaks up, the ocular cells at the surface are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. This can lead to a cellular damage causing your eyes itchiness, a burning and sensational form of eye pain. This causes your eyes to be dry and you will need a good product to treat your dry eyes. This is when you will require artificial tears from the leading products to help your eyes to hold back eye wetness.

Consists of sodium hyaluronate

This is a pure guarantee of making your eye to get an optical lubrication. It is naturally long lasting after applying in your dry eyes. It has a chemical structure that binds and retains its own water weight that helps effectively to maintain a wet effect in your eyes. It perfectly adheres to the surface of the ocular forming a uniform and stable film that keeps your eyes lubricated.

Free from preservatives

You need a product free from preservatives. Preservatives are used to prevent the contamination of eye drops during the period of storage. When you use a product with preservative it may affect the natural tear film. This can damage the ocular surface cells causing an intolerant reaction in your eye. Lack of preservatives in the product prevents content contamination.

Avoiding the phosphate products

When you purchase a product to lubricate your eyes, select the ones without phosphate in them. Most products have phosphate and this is harmful on your damaged cornea. They can impair your vision from adverse reactions of the phosphate product and the corneal cells.

 The cost

You need a wet dry product that will work and still safe you a good amount of your money. It is expensive to get a commodity that you will use and after using, you go completely blind. A product is considered cheap when it gives you the required results without extra expenses of treating your eyes further. HYLO-COMOD for dry eyes is the best product for retaining your eye wetness.


You feel very uncomfortable when your eyes are dry. The pain accompanied with dry eyes tells you that you need a lubricating product for your eyes. The above components are very useful in the product that you use to avoid complete damage in your eyes.

The Best Top Models of French Press Coffee Maker

In selecting a good press coffee maker you need to have a list of the devices and how they work.  A good model is a sure bet to get a good coffee drink and a durable coffee maker from the best brands. A top model gives you the confidence of giving you a good coffee drink.

Which are the best top models in the market?

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

It is simple with a pleasing design that beholds your eyes. It looks great just like the services of having a good coffee on your table.  It is made from stainless steel on the outer and inner part. It has an evenly shiny and sleek look from whole body and the handle.

It is a durable coffee maker with three screen filters to keep off the coffee particles from getting to your cup. It can hold a capacity of one liter and can keep your coffee hot for a long time. It is easy to wash and clean with a safe dish washer parts. The only disadvantage it is heavier than glass coffee makers.

Café Du Chateau 34 oz French Press Coffee Maker

It has four layers of screen filter system to filter out all particles in your coffee. It has a lifetime guarantee giving you the best investment. You are assured of a replacement from the manufacturers once it breaks. It has an eye catching design with a different finish material from the stainless steel. It is nicely printed making it more attractive.

It has a spring loaded base plate that makes your coffee safe from spillage as you put it in your cup. It can hold a one liter capacity giving you a pure drink of coffee. It has a compact design that makes it easy for you to transport from your home to work place. The disadvantage is the stainless steel cover may get hot when brewing your coffee.

SterlingPro Double-Wall Stainless Steel French Press

It is made from pure stainless steel material and is durable. It has a double constructed wall made from the steel material. You cannot find this feature from any other French press model. It has two filter screens to sieve most of your coffee grounds away from your cup. You can get a free screen replacement from the company.

You can handle it with ease due to the heat resistant handle. You will enjoy this brand with the high quality stainless steel that do not break nor rust.  You can easily wash it and remove the screens to wash them separately.

You may not like knowing that they are not as sturdy as some other steel coffee makers. You may decide to go for other coffee makers that are highly durable. It does not have markings on the carafe which makes it difficult to measure the water levels.


If you need to select the best coffee maker for your home, get the answer here. You are well guided on different top models and what you may like. Each model has its own unique feature that you may like and leave out the other models. A guide on the top models will benefit you in a great way in getting what you need.

Product Review: What’s in Weber Genesis II 335?

Another remarkable Weber grill to look into is the Genesis II 335, and just like the other Weber grills series, there is nothing ordinary about this grill.

There are a lot of things to love about the grill; in fact, if you check this detailed review of the Weber Genesis II 335, you’ll be glad that you chose to purchase it. Here are a few details of the grill, by which you might love to hear about:

Product Specifications:

•    Main burner: 39,000 btu per hour input
•    Sear station burner: 9,000 btu per hour input
•    Side burner: 12,000 btu per hour
•    Product dimension (H x W x D) – Lid open: 62” x 59” 31”; Lid closed: 47” x 59” x 29”
•    Primary cooking area: 513 square inches
•    Tuck-away warming rack area: 156 square inches
•    Total cooking area: 669 square inches
•    3 stainless steel burners
•    2 side tables
•    2 swivel locking casters
•    2 durable wheels that can handle all types of weather
•    6 total hooks
•    Warranty: 10 years for all components

Product Features:

Just like the other Weber gas grills the Genesis II 335 has a lot of features to offer; even though the grill is almost identical to the Genesis II E 330 model, their functionality keeps the grills from being compared. Here are II 335’s few features that you might want to know:

•    Designed with infinity ignition just like the other models
•    High-performing burners
•    It comes with stainless steel flavorizer bars
•    Manufactured with a grease management system
•    Equipped 7mm diameter solid stainless steel rod cooking grates and stainless steel lid
•    Compatible with iGrill 3 (a grilling app-connected accessory that allows you to monitor the actual temp of the food); however, the device is sold separately.
•    Designed with a side-mounted gas tank
•    Has built-in thermometer
•    Equipped with stainless steel side tables that allows you to place your grilling ingredients or the finished grilled food.
•    It has grill cabinet
•    It is manufactured with stainless steel doors and welded tube frame
•    Designed with infinite control burner valves
•    It is equipped with stainless steel heat deflectors

Imagine grilling with almost everything is within your reach, your every grilling experience is a success. Unlike having without this type of grill, there are a lot of excuses why you haven’t finished making the sauce or why does hosting a barbeque party is a waste of time.

All of the Weber grill series are remarkably capable of making your grilling experience fast and efficient.

So, if you are looking for one of the best gas grills in the market, you should consider buying the Weber Genesis II 335 where it allows you to simmer the sauce while searing some steaks or ready the garnish while flipping the steak to the other side.

Even though the Weber Genesis II 335 is quite expensive, just like the other Weber grill models, it is one of the best grills worthy of your money.

Pet Supplies Delivery: Their Key Benefits

A person can have a very sincere and loyal friend in his lifetime and often it is his pet. It’s not surprising, then, that many pet owners sacrifice their effort, finances, and time for their pets. They provide their pets with the best dog food, comfortable furniture and carriers, toys, and even vitamins. Nevertheless, since most pet owners are busy people, too, pet shop owners devised a way for these people to order pet supplies no matter where they are.

When they have paid for their purchase, someone from the store will deliver the supplies right away. What benefits do you get from pet supplies delivery? Ordering from online pet supply delivery stores can save you a great deal of time since you wouldn’t have to leave your house or office just to buy pet supplies. You shouldn’t be concerned about dwindling pet supplies like best dog food anymore because you can order their replenishment any time you like.

In addition, since online pet shops don’t have large overhead expenses, they have the prerogative to sell supplies at affordable prices; the costs of their merchandise are half of what the retail prices are in stores. The stuff sold in online stores is unique and are often unavailable in actual pet stores; thus, you have a wider range of options. Not like normal pet supply stores, online pet supply delivery stores are open 24/7. Customer support representatives are on standby in case you have questions or concerns.

You can easily compare prices from store to store before you buy dog food online since you can check out several stores in just a few strokes, and even check out what each store has to offer.

The same goes for other supplies you may want for your pet. If you have a cat and you want to buy a special gift for it, you can go and visit review sites to check out several items your cat may want. For example, your pet cat will surely love this awesome scratching post. However, you’ll do well to study its features and compare the prices of different brand of scratching posts first before buying one. Such comparison shopping will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and that the item you’re buying has all the features you think your pet will enjoy.

For pet owners who can’t leave their homes for any reason just so they can buy pet supplies, pet supplies delivery is a very helpful thing. It is an option that benefits many people, so it is not surprising that it has become one of the more popular choices of pet owners.

There are so many stores selling pet supplies that offer delivery services, and you can choose from them. You just need to find one that would suit your needs and requirements and start shopping for whatever food, supply, toys, or other items your pet will enjoy right from the comfort of your own home. You will, then, just wait for your pet supplies to be delivered the soonest time possible.

How to Properly Buy Clippers and What to Look For: A Quick Guide to Buying Men’s Clippers

Keeping yourself neatly groomed is vital for both appearance and feeling good. However, in order to keep your appearance up to par you must have an excellent pair of clippers that get the job done. There are a few things to look for when selecting the right clippers to provide you with the clean-cut look you desire. Here are some tips to help you in understanding what to look for when buying men’s clippers and how to ultimately go about purchasing them.

Strong Guide Combs

Guide combs are a vital part of a having a clean cut so its important to have sturdy or durable guide combs. If the guide combs aren’t very strong, they will typically break faster or even vibrate louder than they should.

Although they are all made from plastic there is a difference between them. The purpose of a guide comb is to direct the way you are cutting or trimming hair.

Whether it’s your beard or your hair, with a weak guide comb the results won’t be as near or precise.

An Excellent Motor

A good motor may be the most important bit when it comes to a solid pair of clippers. Having a good motor determines how long your clippers will last and overall quality. There are three types of clipper motors:

The Pivot Motor

A Pivot Motor is very powerful and is typically ideal for course or thick hair. They are also not costly and are not powered with a lot of friction, giving them the added benefit of being unlikely to overheat.

 Rotary Motor

Rotary motors are the best type of motors regarding clipping hair. Although a pair of clippers equipped with a rotary motor may cost you a little more, it is very much worth the investment. Rotary motors can cut through thick and wet hair. Many style professionals such as barbers are known to cut hair with rotary clippers because they are the most powerful.

Magnetic Motor

While magnetic motors output more speed than a rotary or pivot motor, they are not as powerful. Clippers with magnetic motors are noisier and are ideal for hair that is not very course or thick. These clippers are also very inexpensive.

Good Blades

Any excellent pair of clippers comes with excellent blades. The cut and trim are all in the blade, aside from having a powerful motor. However, the blades do it all and are arguably the most important feature of great clippers.

Stainless steel blades are considered the best and are often self-sharpening. This just means there will be no need to replace them, providing the added benefit of saving you money over time.

Gives You Options to Go Cordless or Corded

Some prefer corded and some prefer the convenience of cordless, but which is better?

Most will agree the cordless option is better as it is the most convenient and makes styling much easier. Having a cord can sometime limit range of movement and can be an unnecessary hassle.

When cutting and trimming hair, you’re required to go in various directions at different angles. With corded clippers it can potentially limit the style you want due to a limit in distance.

Another added benefit of cordless clippers is the charging base and rechargeable batteries. These days they are often able to charge in an hour, sometimes less which is ideal for getting the job done fast.


Having accessories included with your clippers is always a nice touch to a purchase. It simplifies the cutting process but having what you need within reach.

Accessories such as guide combs, cleaning brushes, and oils all contribute to the styling experience and maintenance of your clippers.

While some clippers don’t always include certain accessories, you can always buy them separately. Besides this, if you just need additional combs and such because the ones that were included with your clippers aren’t doing the trick purchasing them is always an option.

Each of these should be kept in mind when shopping around for the right clippers. Choosing top quality should be top priority but it doesn’t have to break your bank either. By applying this information you can find the right tools needed to keep your hair in line.

The Perfect Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

When you see people or friend starting to set up their new house or hang their home decorations, you know that it is the time to think of giving gifts. It is the time to work that mind into thinking better housewarming gift ideas before doing the actual shopping. When that particular time comes, shopping becomes a little passionate due to the need to find the best gifts intended to please family members and other people who matter to you.

If you are a person with a hurried lifestyle, you simply cannot afford the luxury of lingering around shops and boutiques looking for the perfect gifts. Thus, it serves to plan ahead and formulate some strategies how to make your shopping spree less frantic and less time-consuming.

Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Family Holiday

Even if gift giving is a predictable activity every year, the desire to give something that each family member can surely appreciate is well kept in everybody’s heart. The act of ripping open a package remains a delight to both young and old regardless of what is beneath those layers of wrappers. To eliminate the process of thinking a gift for each member of the family, look for something to be enjoyed by the whole family. What can be better than sending them off to a family holiday? Yes, this can be truly expensive if you are thinking of an inter-island cruise or sending them off to an exotic tropical cove. What you may consider is just an overnight stay in some private villa where they can be serenaded with romantic music as they enjoy a sumptuous seafood buffet or relax while having a whole body scrub and massage. This is one memorable family gift idea, which you can also enjoy if you find the time to join them.

Family Membership

Knowing what interests the family most can give you an idea on what kind of membership to give them. It may be a membership in a health club where they can avail of the unlimited use of the spa or the swimming pool. If the family loves to read, a library membership can give them the privilege to read or borrow all the books they want until the membership period expires.

Personalized Gifts

Family members appreciate receiving personalized gifts because it tells them that they were on the gift-giver’s mind as the idea for the gift was being conceived. It can be a grooming set, a kitchen chopping board, an apron or bed linen. You may also want to consider a personalized housewarming gift  if the recipient just moved in to a new house.

Though these gift ideas may be a little expensive on your part, the whole family is sure to appreciate and enjoy your token on this gift of love. You rest on the thought that your gift does not end piled up in the basement or lies hidden in a drawer. The whole family gets to remember you all throughout the year as they enjoy your gift even after the holiday madness die down.