Stink Bugs Control – Don’t Be Bugged By Stinky Bugs Again

Stink bugs are a well-known pest in its native East Asian countries like China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. They feed on a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, even legumes. The brown marmorated stink bugs were not reported in the United States until September 1998 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

However, according to the Penn State University entomologist Steve Jacobs, these bugs may have arrived earlier, probably in 1996. Exactly where did stink bugs come from? No one really knows how they were able to invade the U.S., but it is thought that they might have entered as stowaways in packaging crates from East Asia.  They have skyrocketed ever since and have invaded not only farms, gardens and orchards, but also households. They feed on a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, even legumes and ornamental plants.

In 2010, stink bugs are believed to have caused a projected $37 million worth of agricultural losses in the U.S. Stink bug damages in the previous year are greatest in the southern states, expanding from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Stink bugs are fast increasing in numbers and are believed to spread to other northeastern states in the near future.

Stink bugs control is not as easy as it may sound. These pests are resistant to most pesticides so a strong chemical must be used. For outdoor infestation, insecticides such as horticultural oil, cypermethrin, permethrin, tralomethrin and cyfluthrin are best to spray around. Be sure to spray on areas where there is vegetation for an effective stink bugs control.  Stink bugs control outside is probably easier than stink bugs control inside. The above mentioned pesticides are too strong and hence are not used domestically. There are measures, however, that you can take to prevent these stinky bugs from invading your homes.

Remove potted plants and ornamental flowers inside your house to prevent them from coming in. Next, close all doors and windows. If these bugs can slip through narrow spaces, the more that they can invade your house with doors wide opened. If there are cracks or crevices in your home, seal them with good quality silicone caulk. If you have a chimney, it is best to have a screen installed over the opening. Aside from plants, stinky bugs are also attracted to light. Turn outdoor lights off and if possible, turn the indoor lights off as well.

Once they are in the house, the best stink bugs control you can do is to trap them. You wouldn’t want to crush these bugs to pieces because doing so will make the stinky smell even worse. Place an insect light trap to capture some of these stinky bugs. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to control them. Consider a bug zapper to get rid of stink bugs, too. There are plenty of reviews you can read for guidance in purchasing the best bug zapper. It’s also a good idea to treat your house exterior with insect repellents. It will not kill the bugs but it will help prevent them from coming near.

As they say, prevention is better than cure so don’t let these stinky bugs enter your home at the very start. Observe stink bugs control inside and outside your home to avoid being bugged by stinky bugs.

Beard Balm versus Beard Oil: Which One Is Better?

Are you confused whether should you buy the beard balm or the beard oil?

While there are several men that thought beard balm and beard oil are the same, there are also several consumers out there that are confused which beard-grooming-hair formula is effective when it comes to maintaining the health of beard hair.

Although both beard balm and beard oils may contain carrier and essential oils, which keep the beard soft, moisturized, and hydrated, the two products work differently from each other. So, which among the two is better?

To fully understand the function of the beard balm and beard oil, here are a few benefits of each product:

The Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Most of the beard oils are a mixture of essential oils and carrier oils; these oils may contain a significant amount of benefits, including the following:

•    Nourishes the beard skin and hair.
•    The carrier oils found in beard oils help moisturize and condition the beard skin and hair, preventing from acquiring ingrown hairs.
•    It helps to soften and smoothen the beard hair.
•    It helps hydrate the beard skin, preventing the formation of dandruff or flaking of the skin.
•    Since beard oils contain essential oils, most of the brands sold in the market today are naturally perfumed, which holds strong fresh scent. Thus, you do not need to use chemically based perfumes to keep you fragrant all day.
•    Prevents the formation of acne.
•    The added vitamin E helps boost the growth of beard hair, as well as, the health of the beard skin.

The Benefits of Using Beard Balm

Beard balms contain essential and carriers too, however, these are made from shea butter or beeswax; each ingredient found in beard balm have the following benefits:
•    Since the balm is made from beeswax and shea butter, it helps the beard look fuller and healthier.
•    It helps your beard grow fuller and faster in the right places.
•    The beard balm is best for styling the beard.
•    It keeps the beard in place, even if under a strong wind.
•    It helps the beard look smooth and neat.
•    It contains ingredients that help maintain and boost the health of the beard hair and skin.
•    It is lightly scented, which means, it will not overpower any of your favorite cologne.

So, which beard-grooming product should you use?

Experts believe that both beard balm and beard oils are useful in maintaining the overall health of the beard skin and hair. Thus, using beard balm and oil together is one of the effective ways to make your beard hair and skin healthier, smoother, and fuller; all you need to do is check out how you can use the balm and oil effectively. If you need additional details on these, you got to read reliable reviews and posts like this.

So, which beard-grooming product should you use? Experts say, you can use them both; however, you need to know how to work on them first.

Choosing the Right Toilet Seat

Renovation is something that we all look forward to, excited about the final image and eager to see how the face of the house is changed. However, once in the middle of the renovation process, it is almost impossible not to feel confused and overwhelmed by the number of choices that you have to make. Things can get very complicated and this is how so many homeowners end up overlooking important details. Since we are here to help, we would like to share useful details on how to choose a toilet seat, for example, as toilet seats represent one of the most overlooked things when it comes to renovations. Instead of ending up with something that will cost a lot and that simply doesn’t suit your bathroom, it is best to do some additional reading on what to pay attention to before you make the investment. Here are some easy tips and tricks.

1. Shape and size- These are very important to consider when it comes to buying a toilet seat. Since toilets come in different shapes and sizes, you have to work out and see what your pan is. You don’t want to end up with a toilet seat that is too large or too small for your toilet, do you? You can easily find the perfect fit by following three measurements: the center distance, the width at the widest point and the total depth.

2. Hinges- While there are only two big options when it comes to hinges, please keep in mind a very important details: not all hinges suit all types of toilets. You can opt for a top fixing hinge, which is fed into the toilet by two bolts which can then be tightened from underneath. Top hinges are a common choice when there is no access to the bottom of the pan, like it happens, for example, with back to wall toilets and with the modern, one piece style toilets. The quick release hinges represent the second style available and they’re great when it comes to easily cleaning the toilet, as the seat and the lid from the pan can be quickly removed.

3. Material and finish- These are two important features to consider. You can go, for example, with antibacterial finishes and if you want to make a statement, there are plenty of stylish options available.

If you are looking for a good recommendation as you feel that it can help you save a lot of time, then consider getting a Bath Royale toilet seat. The experts at Project For Home recommend it as an excellent purchase and you should check out their website in order to find out why. You’ll understand that this toilet seat has a style and design that allows it to easily match most bathroom décor, it has a quick release, which makes it easy to clean and it surely fits major toilet brands. If we add the soft close feature to all the ones already mentioned, I think that it becomes clear why this is such a good choice.

Learn to Select Fishing Tools

In the last few years, more and more people discovered the fact that a fishing trip, even a small one, helps them relax and forget about the weekly stress and constant worries. You might not have trusted fishing to be a relaxing activity but you still tried it recently only to discover, much to your own surprise that you actually enjoy it. As a result of this, you are now willing to go on fishing trips more often and even buy your own fishing tools. Am I right? I know I am. You are not the only person who was very reticent about fishing as relaxing activity and who is now in love with it. The only problem is that since you are still a beginner in this field, it will be quite complicated to make a wise purchase. It seems like this field exploded in the last few years and as a result of this, the offer available on the market is highly diverse. It will be confusing and a bit overwhelming given the wide selection available, so you will probably have to accept a professional helping hand. The good news is that there are plenty of experts ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. Take, for example, the professionals at The Best Fishing Line, who have a website where they put detailed reviews at your disposal. All you have to do is to visit it right here and see for yourself. Their detailed reviews will guide you to the type of fishing line that best suits your needs and technique as there surely is one that is perfect for you.

However, before you jump on reading their reviews, I really think that it is important to first check out the main types of fishing line now on the market so you can at least make an idea about what’s out there. The first thing you will find out is that there are three main types of fishing line available:

  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Fluorocarbon fishing line
  • Braided fishing line.

They each have their pros and cons but they’re all great for a specific type of fishing technique; you just have to discover which one suits you best. The monofilament fishing line is known as the multipurpose line.

Read this Before Buying Some New Tweezers

Some people don’t even pay attention to the kind of tweezer they buy. They are also not keen to realize that tweezer requires thorough cleaning like every other grooming tool. It’s unfortunate some misplaced tweezers often since they are just another underrated device in the house.

But when you carefully read about tweezer, you will change your perception about tweezers, and you will handle this valuable tool with the seriousness it deserves.

Tweezer users know a lot about tweezer. They can tell you a good tweezer by merely looking at it. It’s evident that a good tweezer must not be just good-looking, it should perform the hair removal task flawlessly. Apart from testing each tweezer to identify a good tweezer, you can also read about good tweezers here. You will know about essential features of a good pair of a tweezer.

Next time you are planning to buy a tweezer, don’t buy any tweezers, read this before buying some new tweezers

  • The material of the tweezer. Many good tweezers process of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and offers a firm grip. A tweezer made of other material may not be good therefore you should avoid buying it. You cannot go wrong with a stainless steel tweezer.
  • Design of the tweezer. You look into details of the tweezer design. The model determines the comfort and precision of use. A good tweezer must allow for the distribution of pressure to the head.
  • There are many brands of tweezers in the market. First find out about different brands, before settling on the brand of your choice. The best way to choose a good brand is to go through the customer reviews. The users are honest about the product they have bought. They have tested the brand, and they will give honest feedback. The reports cannot be overlooked. A good brand will have positive reviews. Some brands may not be popular, but the few studies they have received speak volumes about the product. Some small unknown brands can be equally good as the established brands.

Choosing a great tweezer is not enough. You need to know a bit about how to use it. Don’t go overboard in using tweezer as can damage hair follicles. Typically, as much as you need to control the growth of ‘unwanted’ hair, you also need to allow thee hair to grow naturally in-betweens. Destroying the hair growth cycle by damaging hair follicles can be regrettable. Study and practice on how to use tweezer correctly.


In hair grooming, achieving a smooth face free of misplaced hair and pimples is not magic. It takes handwork and several trials to realize a procedure that works for you. For some, tweezing is the in thing for that perfect look too long to find. Notably, investing in a good pair of tweezer cannot be enough emphasized.

Buying a perfect tweezer for the first time makes you wonder how you have managed to survive for that long without a good tweezer.

What to Expect from Alpine PDR-V5

One of the best-selling 5 channel amps in the market is Alpine PDR-V5. This amazing channel amp is perfect for all car audio enthusiasts searching for the best amp to boost the car speaker’s sound quality.

Alpine is classified as one of the most advanced and best sounding amplifiers. Also, Alpine is well-respected in this industry. Furthermore, it received a high rating from customer feedbacks as you can read in this article: .

If you are interested to invest in this channel amp, here are the things you can expect from Alpine PDR-V5.

Power Rating

There is a trick to determine whether a channel amp has an accurate power rating. You look for the label CEA certified to guarantee that the power rating indicated on the item’s label is 100 percent accurate. But if there is none, the trick is to look for the RMS power of the amplifier, not the peak power.

First-time buyers often make the mistake of purchasing amplifiers with high peak power instead of the RMS. Know that RMS is the continuous power which the device utilizes. On the other hand, the peak power refers to the sudden bursts of power which a device can achieve. Thus, what you need to look for when buying is the RMS or the operating power of an amplifier.

The Alpine is one of the top choice 5 channel amps with a high power density. It can utilize 75W RMS x 4 + 250W RMS x 1 at 4ohms.

Sound Quality

You would notice that there are regular car speakers that produce broken bass and ear-splitting high sound. You can remedy this problem by installing Alpine PDR-V5.
This 5 channel amp rivals the A/B amps. It sounds coming from the speakers are more powerful, dynamic and crisp in comparison to speakers without Alpine PDR-V5. For sure you would love to hit the road while listening to the theater-like sound quality of Alpine.

Microprocessor Feature

An extended period of playing music can cause the amplifier to overheat. Once the system of the amp detects overheating, the power automatically shuts off to avoid accidents. Though it is a safety measure, yet, it can ruin your party mood.
The good news is with Alpine you can enjoy listening to your favorite music playlist without worrying about the device overheating.

The Alpine features a microprocessor-based technology that allows your music to keep pumping from the speakers on a reduced volume. This technology controls the amp from shutting down or overheating.

Flexible Controls

Alpine is easy to control and manage. It is one of the top choice amplifiers with flexible controls and option settings.

This amplifier also has a remote bass control option which gives you the liberty to set the bass level of the speaker. However, you have to buy the remote bass control separately from the amplifier.

Do you want to bring the party inside your car?

Try the Alpine PDR-V5 and experience a never before entertainment on your travels.
Check out more details on the features as well as the pros and cons of Alpine. You can view the product reviews of this item here at the Sound Certified.

What You Should Know about Buying Running Shoes

Buying running shoes is not the easiest task for someone who has never been active before and who never had to buy special equipment. You will laugh but some will say that buying the right, perfectly fit pair of running shoes is an art. This is because there are lots of details to look at and you might easily get confused and overwhelmed, so you might end up simply buying the pair that looks best, which is a huge mistake. If you want to buy a pair of running shoes that will make you feel comfortable while struggling to completely change your lifestyle, then you should have a closer look at a few very important details. For example, those who are about to purchase running shoes based on the design and nothing more are about to commit a huge mistake. The shoe has to perfectly fit your feet; actually, professionals even recommend for the shoes to be half a size larger or even one size larger than your size because it is important for the toes to have enough room. Otherwise, you will experience shin splints or blisters. I am sure that you don’t want something like that to happen, which is why the size of the running shoes that you decide to buy is so important. It is also important to pay attention to details such as the materials that the cushions are made of. The cushions have to be made of materials that are elastic and that feel comfortable as your feet need to feel extremely relaxed when you go out for running.

Of course, you also need to pay attention to details such as the heels of the shoes and we strongly recommend you to try on a few models before you buy one; you will see that they feel different even though they feel pretty much the same. Don’t forget to ask for deals and special discounts and make sure that you’re not out shopping during the wrong time of the day; believe it or not, your feet start swelling in the morning and don’t stop until around 4pm so it is best to go out shopping for running shoes in the evening.

As you can see, there are numerous details to keep in mind when it comes to buying the right running shoes and we definitely understand why it is so difficult for some beginners to make a wise purchase. If you feel a bit in trouble, then we strongly recommend you to visit the official Active Kix website for tips for choosing the right size running shoe, as well as for some great reviews of top picks now available on the market. These guys truly know everything about running shoes and how to wisely invest money in such equipment so we strongly advise you to listen to what they have to say and follow their guidance. A lot of people have made a very wise choice thanks to the tips and tricks found on the Active Kix website and you can be one of them.

Latest Piano Keyboard Technology to Look For

Technology made it possible to improve musical instruments and apparatus to create wonderful music. You can now find piano keyboards with advanced features to create a wide variety of music. Thus, for a professional musician or a person with aspiring to be a part of the music industry, it is significant to have this kind of technology.

If you are searching for a piano keyboard, there are a few things you need to consider before buying. Each piano keyboard has unique qualities that are useful for specific levels. Thus, you should make sure to check out this site to read product reviews and learn more about the top seller piano keyboard brands. Also, learn the latest piano keyboard technology below that you might want to consider in your investment.

MIDI Compatibility

One of the latest keyboard technologies that you need to watch out for is MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).  The concept of MIDI is not fairly new since it was established in the 1980s for computers and electronic instruments. However, MIDI features become more advanced to cater the best functions to modern music. Today, latest piano keyboard models have the MIDI technology to help music producers and musicians in creating a variety of music. It has control settings that allow you to transpose and control pitch bend and modulation. Likewise, a keyboard that is MIDI compatible helps you to save the music you created on a computer’s hard drive.

Computer Connectivity

Today’s piano keyboards have computer connectivity. This feature allows you to connect your keyboard using USB, MIDI, mLAN, S/PIDF, FireWire and other musical interfaces available. Keyboards with computer connectivity have either external or built connections to communicate with a computer’s hard drive. Likewise, more advanced keyboards have iOS capabilities that give you an access to all types of cloud-based musical collaborations and storage. Moreover, it is more convenient since you can connect your keyboard to your tablet or smartphone.

Sequencer Availability

A keyboard with sequencer is a great investment for a music producer. This technology is a hardware or software device that records MIDI performance. All the performance data is stored and can be played back through a user-programmed sequence.


Most piano keyboards have a sampler. This device records a digital audio of your performance which you can alter or playback. You can use this device to combine external audio clips in your music. With this, you can add more flair to your performances and music.


When buying a piano keyboard, it is paramount to check if the instrument has an input or output selection. You can utilize this technology when you want to use your keyboard as a digital audio workstation. The audio inputs/outputs connect your keyboard to the external interfaces like amplifiers, mixers, and speakers.

Memory Storage

A keyboard with external storage options like flash drives and memory card slots is quite useful. This feature offers convenience to a music producer or a musician in transferring performance data from the keyboard to the computer.

Do you need additional details on best-seller piano keyboard for beginners? Check out the details here at Piano Keyboard Reviews.

What are the Different Types of Blenders?

Are you searching for the best blender to support your nutritious diet?

The number of choices, information, and advice about buying blenders is overwhelming. If this is your first time to invest a blender, you probably feel daunted and confused by the staggering number of blenders in the market.

It is a good thing that there is one source that you can trust. The Prime Shop Kitchen is one of the most trusted online sources of blender buying guidelines. Also, they reviewed blenders for making smoothies to help you determine the perfect tool to fulfill your nutritious diet.

Remember that not all blenders in the market are excellent for making smoothies. To assist you in searching for the best blender for smoothies, find out the different types of blender which you can choose from.

Hand Immersion Blenders

This equipment comprises an electric motor with rotating cutting blades at the end of the shaft. You hold the stick blender and immerse on the ingredients to blend inside a mixing tank. Hand immersion blenders are very convenient since it does not occupy much space. Moreover, this stick blender is also portable. However, it can only blend smoothies with soft ingredients such as bananas and strawberries. It can only prepare one serving of smoothie. It also works well in making purees.

Traditional Countertop Blenders

Countertop blenders are the most popular in the market. It can create two to three servings of your favorite smoothie. However, there are also larger traditional countertop blenders in the market which you can buy.

This type of blender can handle both soft and medium hard ingredients. You can use it to prepare smoothies, protein shakes, milkshakes and baby food. If you are planning to buy a traditional blender, consider the technology of each brand. Today, there are countertop blenders with advanced technology such as smart settings, pre-programmed settings, and function options. You can check out the Prime Shop Kitchen to see examples of innovative countertop blenders this year.

Personal Blenders

Is there such a thing as an on-the-go blender?

Yes, there is!

A personal blender has become one of the most sought out types of blenders in the market within these past years. This blender is similar to a countertop blender but only has different mixing tank design. The tank of a personal blender is either slimmer or smaller. The idea is to make the tank portable as if it is a simple bottle. Personal blenders feature cap bottles to house all the contents inside. If you want an on the go supply of your nutritious drink, this is your best choice.

High-Performing Blenders

This type of blender is designed for heavy duty blending. It can handle large quantities of ingredients. It can even pulverize the toughest ingredients such as ice, nuts, and hard vegetables. You can use a high-performing blender for preparing smoothies, purees, shakes, soup, hummus, salsa and many more.

High-performing blenders are convenient; however, you need to pay for it. Such blenders are expensive, yet a worthy investment.

Watch out the best blenders for smoothies here at the Prime Shop Kitchen!

Making a Leather Gun Case

Having your own gun case is just what you need if you are a gun owner. This case will secure your gun from moisture, dirt and will also increase the lifespan of your gun. There are many brands of gun cases that have been invented to so to improve more on gun safety.

For those that are not able to afford the branded gun cases it is possible to make a simple leather gun case in. The following steps will enable you to make your own homemade leather gun case. You will also find more information on Vaultek’s VT20i biometric handgun safe here.

The first step is to make a clear outline of your gun. You can trace the sides of the gun on a paper for you to get the correct dimensions. Add an extra 4-inches to allow for every part of the gun including the right side. After you have completed dimensioning, you should cut out the pattern.

Prepare the leather that you will use in making the gun case. You should polish and water it diligently to increase its flexibility. Place the outline that you had made on the leather. Make a copy of this outline on both sides of the leather using a marker pen or pencil.

Cut out the marked part of the leather using a blade or your preferred cutting kit. Make sure that the cutting that you have made stays out of the border of your outline. After that ensure that the cut sections of the leather representing the outline of your gun match up to each other.

You can now snug fit the two parts of the gun case by pressing down the leather. Ensure that you determine the margin of the case before measuring it from the top corner to the bottom corner. The aim of doing this is to determine the number of snaps needed.

You can simply find it by diving the measurement by two.  Make sure that the result is not a frictional number. You can adjust the number of snaps by changing the distance to be smaller than two inches. Using a pencil, you can denote the location on which the snaps will be placed.

Set the in the case carefully. You can begin from the bottom corner as this will be easier to move all round from this spot. Ensure that you put all the snaps needed to ensure that you make a great case for your gun.

The final step is ensuring that your case is neat. Cut off any snaps that protrude out on your case borders to make it look nice.  Making your own gun case can be a great way of having fun as well as securing your gun. Leather gun cases are also attractive to the eye and offer good camouflage. They are also light in terms of weight. That’s not all, they are lighter than other types of materials used in making gun safes.  You will get more convenience when carrying a leather gun case from one place to another.