Best supplements for muscle growth

You are reading this article because you perhaps you are trying to build muscles all without success. Possibly, you have tried building your muscles by eating right and lifting weights but failed. Supplements are a requirement when it comes to increasing your muscle growth potential. Though supplements work well for people, not all supplements work for everyone. Our bodies are different in nature, and so is the response to these supplements. However, in spite all that difference, many supplements show beneficial results. We sampled some that might work well for you.


Glutamine is marketed for its capability to slow muscle-tissue breakdown throughout a rigorous workout that may boost muscle thresholds and high endurance. Glutamine has several muscle building advantages, for example, assisting to reduce the muscle breakdown and boosting the immune system.  It also helps in the growth of muscles by raising the levels of leucine in muscle fibers. Taking Glutamine before exercise can aid in lessening fatigue and increase growth hormone levels.


This non-essential amino acid occurs naturally and comes into the body by eating foods rich in protein for example pork, chicken, and eggs. When Beta-alanine (BA) is consumed, it gets converted into carnosine which aid in mass growth. BA can increase intramuscular levels of carnosine that assist it in performance improvement. Maintaining increased levels of carnosine can support the delayed buildup of hydrogen and the ensuing acidity which can, subsequently, holdup muscle failure and fatigue.

Branched-chained amino acids

They are composed of 20% of muscle proteins, leucine, valine, and isoleucine, a reason as to why they are beneficial to muscle growth. They are in charge of protein synthesis. Lack of branched-chained amino acids (BCAAs) can hinder muscle growth since they cannot fix damaged fibres. BCAAs can delay fatigue when taken before and after exercising.


This is another naturally occurring substance within the human muscle cells. It is reproduced as creatine monohydrate for nutritional supplement reasons and used for cellular energy production and modulation. Creatine supplementation aids in:

  • Improved glycogen storage
  • Enhanced muscle performance
  • Increase volume of muscle cell
  • Faster recovery from heavy workouts

Since the body naturally produces creatines, many bodybuilders find it easy to stop using them.

Whey protein

Your body needs protein build muscle mass just as you need iron sheets to build a house. Whey protein is not the same as normal protein. Scientific research shows that whey protein absorbs fastest and is the best source for protein to aid muscle recovery and thus help growth. Whey protein is easily digested and is considered a natural appetite suppressant. It is also a great source of energy that helps improve metabolism.


The way you live can determine how fast your muscles can grow. Some habits may impair muscle growth efforts. While supplements can be part of a solid diet plan, they should not replace real food or your diet schedule. Some supplements are not only good for muscle development but essential for a healthy body and happier life. If you are planning to grow your muscles faster, try these supplements.

Bad breath: What are the symptoms and causes?

Halitosis, referred to as bad breath, is one of the reasons why many people seek dental care. It is normal for people to only seek dental care after having gum disease and tooth decay. It is likely that you and many others are not aware of what causes bad breath and its effects. Several factors could trigger halitosis, but the major one is bad dental hygiene habits. In this informative article, we will explore the possible symptoms and causes of halitosis.

Bad breath symptoms

Although bad breath can cause discomfiture, some can have the condition without knowing. The smell varies from one person to another and may not be the same. This is because bad breath has many causes and your source of bad odor may not be your friend’s cause. Your mouth might have a bad taste. If you try brushing and the taste is persistent, the cause might be an infection or something else and not trapped food particles. In case you suspect you have halitosis, it is important to ask your closest friend to confirm.

Causes of bad breath

Halitosis starts in your mouth and here are the potential causes.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is also known as Xerostomia. Saliva is a mouth cleanser that takes part in removing food particles that cause bad odor. So, bad breath comes as a result of reduced production of saliva. Naturally, halitosis occurs during sleep and may even worsen if your mouth is open as you slumber. Persistent dry mouth condition can be due to a salivary gland disease.

Food and drinks

When you do not brush or floss your teeth, the food particles that remain in your teeth increase bacteria and can cause bad breath. Some foods for example garlic, onions, red meat, and spices can also cause bad odor.  Drinks such as alcohol, orange juice, and coffee can also trigger bad smell.


Medications are useful, but they also have their effects. Some medication can decrease saliva resulting in halitosis. Other drugs when broken down in the body, they release chemicals that trigger the odor. Such drugs include nitrates that treat angina. Vitamin supplements are also likely to cause halitosis when taken in large doses.

Mouth infections

The fact that we use the mouth to eat doesn’t mean it cannot get infections. Mouth infections may be as a result of tooth extraction, oral surgery, gum disease or tooth decay. These infections can cause bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene

Flossing is one way of ensuring that there are no food particles trapped between your teeth. The food particles can cause a smell, and they also build up a plaque which might result in periodontitis. If you have dentures and are not cleaning them regularly, they can also produce bad smell.


Bad breath lowers your self-esteem and causes embarrassments. You can avoid all these embarrassments and the feeling of being uncomfortable when you are with your friends by practicing good dental hygiene habits. Drinking plenty water can help to avoid having a dry mouth which is another cause of halitosis.

5 Habits that will keep you healthy forever

Living a healthy life doesn’t mean focusing on exercises and doing nothing. It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle without adopting some habits. A healthy routine requires more than diet. It needs patience and discipline in each day of your life. Maintaining a healthy way of life becomes complicated as you age. Keeping fit should be a lifetime assignment and not a one-time task. However, you can avoid having to reschedule your sleeping pattern in the future by laying a foundation now. Check out these five habits that will keep you healthy forever.

Eat more greens

It is nice always to have a comfort meal, but that does not necessarily mean avoiding vegetables. Greens can be hard to get used to, but they are full of nutrients that help to keep the body healthy. They also contain fiber that keeps you full. Veggies can be likable if you find ways to take them such as blending them into a glass of juice that you can sip any time. Use vegetables regularly for a healthy you.

Make sleep a primary concern

Work can sometimes be tempting causing you not to get enough sleep or to forego sleeping at least to finish an urgent project. A good night is imperative to keeping healthy. Enough sleep boosts immunity and increases fertility. Lack of enough sleep can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and can hinder weight loss efforts. Failure to get enough sleep for an extended period can also interrupt your immune system. Having a solid sleeping schedule can help increase productivity. Making a habit of sleeping between six to eight hours can have lifetime health benefits.

Reduce sugar intake

Sugar has been linked to causing diabetes. If you are used to taking more sugar, start making your tea or coffee with less sugar or without. Sugar can be addictive but defeating the habit early enough can help avoid future cravings and extend your life.

Drink more water

Water is essential to the body. Not taking plenty water can result in dehydration and mental fatigue. A research shows that drinking more water plays a vital role in weight loss and it is a natural remedy for a headache. If you want to maintain a youthful look, drink more water because it improves your skin tone. Making a routine of drinking a lot of water can help to keep the balance of fluids in the body.

Exercise more

Instead of sitting all day long, make a tendency of keeping your body active. You can do simple exercises such as walking, jogging, and swimming. Making exercises part of your daily routine can keep your body fit.

Bottom line

Do you want to have a lifetime healthy life? Well, adopt these five habits if you have seen how useful they can be to your life. A symbol lifestyle change can be a step to your disease free and a happier life. Remember life is all about choices. Choosing bad lifestyle habits means living unhealthy.