Yes, you have the passion for photography. You see it as a window to express yourself and channel your innermost artistic ability. You wish to use it as a conduit to let a heart of stone feel and stir emotions. However, being a photographer is not just about your love for this art. You have to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become one.


Definitely, it takes some skills and knowledge to get the best portraits out of people and landscapes. You must be determined to hone your talent if you want your audiences to recognize your work. The best way to enhance your ability is to know the most recommended tips to capture a quality portrait image. More often, photographers are hired by clients to get their portrait images. These pictures are usually hanged in one of the customer’s houses both as a decorative and additional personalization to the household. Capturing a stunning portrait with that wow factor is not quite easy. Thus, to assist you and every newbie on this art, here are some guidelines that you should follow:


Play with Angles


Most portraits are captured from an eye-level perspective. This angle gives the audience a direct and excellent view of the subject. However, using a similar method all the time gets a bit old. You can explore on other angles to have a better and interesting view of your subject. Have your shot above your subject or below to shoot up instead of dead eye level.




The background of your subject supports the story of the image. Thus, make sure that your subject’s background is not too loud or too soft. A good background helps to bring out the mood and personality of the image. Hence, be careful with it.


Establish Eye Contact

A subject that is directly looking straight to the camera has a great impact on audiences. Eye contacts in portraits help to create a connection between the subject and the viewer. With this, the audience can also feel the emotions and story playing in the photo. Candid Shots Looking far off the camera sets a mysterious mood in a photo.


Moreover, it supports in enhancing the personality of the subject. Therefore, next time when you take a portrait shot, make your subject focus to another object that is not within the camera’s range.


Use Lights


Lights are powerful elements that can either boost the quality of the portrait or turn it into a trash. Taking portraits outdoors is a bit difficult since you have no control over the light. You can research on how to better your skills in capturing in this kind of setting. On the other hand, lights can turn a photo into a mysterious and beguiling image. Try silhouetting and backlighting in one of your portraits to see the difference it can make.


The above tips are just a glimpse of what you should know. For more information about photography and guidelines to develop your skills in this art, go to Photography at