In the last few years, more and more people have chosen to turn their attention to cruelty-free cosmetics. Some have been so pleased with these products that they changed their entire beauty routine in order to accommodate these cosmetics in their daily practices. If you have heard a thing or two about cruelty-free products but you are not sure whether or not these are true, we are here to help. Check out these myths and facts about cruelty-free products and judge for yourself. The information below will surely help you create a much better image of whether or not cruelty-free products should be introduced in your daily routine.

1. If there is a bunny on the package, then the product is a cruelty-free one. Also, if it says “Cruelty-Free’’, then it surely wasn’t tested on animals. Well, this is a myth. The truth is that there are a lot of scammers out there who claim to sell cruelty-free products. In fact, animal tests haven’t been conducted on the final product level but they have been conducted on the ingredient level or the company simply hired a third party to cover the animal testing part. The only way to be 100% sure that a product is cruelty-free is to check the Leaping Bunny Program’s list of certifications. Companies certified by the Leaping Bunny Program don’t do animal testing in any phase of the product development, either in its laboratories or in the laboratories of ingredient suppliers.

2. Cosmetic conglomerates conduct animal testing on their products because the law requires them to. This is a myth! There is nothing more false than this! The FDA does not require animal testing on cosmetic products because there are plenty of ingredients that have been tested already and that proved to be safe, more than 7,000 to be more exact. There is sufficient safety data that can be used by these companies whenever they create a new product and decide to launch it on the market.

3. Products that aren’t tested on animals are not safe for humans. Myth! In fact, most of these products are even safer than the ones tested on animals because cruelty-free products don’t contain sulfates, parabens or other types of dangerous chemicals.

Did we convince you that cruelty-free products deserve attention? If we have, then we are happy that there is one more person who have a clearer picture of cruelty-free products and what they really are. Now, if you want a cruelty-free makeup brand, we can help you with some recommendations. Too Faced, for example, is one of those cruelty-free cosmetic brands that will make you fall in love with it once you use at least one of its products. Their mascaras and eyeshadow palettes are among their most popular items but there are plenty of other products launched by them on the market that deserve your attention. Just check them out, test a few of their products and we are sure that you will be impressed with their quality.