Having your own gun case is just what you need if you are a gun owner. This case will secure your gun from moisture, dirt and will also increase the lifespan of your gun. There are many brands of gun cases that have been invented to so to improve more on gun safety.

For those that are not able to afford the branded gun cases it is possible to make a simple leather gun case in. The following steps will enable you to make your own homemade leather gun case. You will also find more information on Vaultek’s VT20i biometric handgun safe here.

The first step is to make a clear outline of your gun. You can trace the sides of the gun on a paper for you to get the correct dimensions. Add an extra 4-inches to allow for every part of the gun including the right side. After you have completed dimensioning, you should cut out the pattern.

Prepare the leather that you will use in making the gun case. You should polish and water it diligently to increase its flexibility. Place the outline that you had made on the leather. Make a copy of this outline on both sides of the leather using a marker pen or pencil.

Cut out the marked part of the leather using a blade or your preferred cutting kit. Make sure that the cutting that you have made stays out of the border of your outline. After that ensure that the cut sections of the leather representing the outline of your gun match up to each other.

You can now snug fit the two parts of the gun case by pressing down the leather. Ensure that you determine the margin of the case before measuring it from the top corner to the bottom corner. The aim of doing this is to determine the number of snaps needed.

You can simply find it by diving the measurement by two.  Make sure that the result is not a frictional number. You can adjust the number of snaps by changing the distance to be smaller than two inches. Using a pencil, you can denote the location on which the snaps will be placed.

Set the in the case carefully. You can begin from the bottom corner as this will be easier to move all round from this spot. Ensure that you put all the snaps needed to ensure that you make a great case for your gun.

The final step is ensuring that your case is neat. Cut off any snaps that protrude out on your case borders to make it look nice.  Making your own gun case can be a great way of having fun as well as securing your gun. Leather gun cases are also attractive to the eye and offer good camouflage. They are also light in terms of weight. That’s not all, they are lighter than other types of materials used in making gun safes.  You will get more convenience when carrying a leather gun case from one place to another.