Every dog lover has already gone through the dilemma of how to fix his pet’s house. It is a little difficult to keep a stylish home when you have a lovable dog who can take everything down to a total mess the minute you leave the house. When you adopt dogs, it should also be a part of your lifestyle to think of ways you can decorate your home in a way that you are also making it pet-friendly. You already know that nothing in your home is safe from getting urinated, defecated and vomited on by your dog. This does not even mention the dirt and pet hair that will become a part of your normal life. Here are some lessons that you can try to make your home pet-friendly.

First, if you have already potty trained your dog, assign a place where they can “do their business” in your yard and then put on the best dog doors. This is so you can avoid having urine and dog feces in your home in the event that your dog really needs to go and you are not around to let it out your house. The dog door can also give your dog a feeling of freedom as they can go to different spots of the home as well. Are you bothered about pet hair sticking on your couch and other linens in your home? If you are, then you have to switch to a different type of cloth. Go for velvet as this type of cloth does not catch pet hair and it does not get snagged easily by pet nails too! On top of those benefits, you will love the fact that velvet is so easy to clean as well! Either you can wipe off the dirt or you can simply have the velvet washed and you’re good to go!

Do you want to avoid having paw prints and scratches on the couch? Put on a throw blanket! Throw blankets are one of the best living room staples for those who want to protect couch. The throw blanket can protect the couch from scratches and paw prints. Also, it helps protect the dog from metal hinges on the couch. On top of those things, you get to keep a certain style by putting on a throw blanket! Rugs and carpet can be comfortable to walk on. However, if you have dogs in the house, you have to be selective on the rugs and carpets that you will get. Always look for carpets with small patterns and dark colors. Also, you may want to look for carpet and rug fibers that can be scrubbed in case of any “accidents” in the home. But always remember, if you want to keep your home healthy, vacuum the carpet and rug once every week! Keeping a sense of style is definitely possible even when you have pets in the home!

Follow these tips and you can maintain a pet-friendly and stylish home with no hassles!