Mowing the lawn is an American staple in terms of general home and real estate upkeep. Be it either for letting your neighborhood know you care about your community, keeping your property in tip-top shape, for demonstrating the value of your property or just for yourselves, to show pride in your home and property, maintaining your lawn is a necessity. Many opt for automated and powered lawn mowers, but what of the classic reel mower? There’s something to be said about sticking to the basics. Consider a reel mower, and get back into the swing of keeping your lawn and your property at your best with the top quality lawn mowers.


About Reel Mowers


Reel mowers make use of blades that spin vertically, in a north to south direction, and maintain your lawn by way of cutting grass at your desired length. Mowers; also known as push reel mowers, can consist of anywhere between three to seven blades, as per the unit you decide on purchasing. Varying in size, reel mowers can come in small, individual units suitable for home use, all the way up to the large tractor operated mowers you can find on your typical golf course. Reel Mowers: A Quick History

Prior to reel mowing, circa the 1800’s, lawn maintenance was relegated to animals for grass cutting needs. Cattle and even goats would be used to maintain grass length on properties. By 1830, Edwin Beard Budding from Gloucestershire, England, invented the first lawn mower. A marked increase in efficiency, his inspiration came from the inner workings of machines in cloth mills.


Choosing Your Reel Mower


Some of the main desire points in the argument of reel mowers are their reliability, their efficacy, and their economic/functional aspect. Lawn mowing has since evolved and developed, ranging from riding/sit down mowers, to even fully automated robotic mowers. But the manual push mower still has its place in the modern society. One advantage of a manual reel mower is that with less moving parts, there’s less maintenance to worry about.


Much less likely to break the bank that fully motorized lawn mowers, reel mowers also offer an unprecedented level of accuracy and fine control not seen by the competition. With less moving parts overall, reel mowers are cheaper and easier in terms of upkeep, as some models don’t even need blade maintenance for a decade at a time. Another factor to consider is the portability and size of reel mowers. Available storage real estate is a rising issue in our modern economy, and a relatively small and portable lawnmower is easy to store and can find its place in homes of any size, until further usage necessary.


With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, manual reel mowers are ever more relevant to the modern times. A minimal detriment to the economy, the only fuel costs are those exhibited by your own physical labor. Consider a push mower as opposed to the larger, more expensive, and less environmentally neutral alternatives, and see your lawn, and lawn mowing, in a whole new light.