Keeping yourself neatly groomed is vital for both appearance and feeling good. However, in order to keep your appearance up to par you must have an excellent pair of clippers that get the job done. There are a few things to look for when selecting the right clippers to provide you with the clean-cut look you desire. Here are some tips to help you in understanding what to look for when buying men’s clippers and how to ultimately go about purchasing them.

Strong Guide Combs

Guide combs are a vital part of a having a clean cut so its important to have sturdy or durable guide combs. If the guide combs aren’t very strong, they will typically break faster or even vibrate louder than they should.

Although they are all made from plastic there is a difference between them. The purpose of a guide comb is to direct the way you are cutting or trimming hair.

Whether it’s your beard or your hair, with a weak guide comb the results won’t be as near or precise.

An Excellent Motor

A good motor may be the most important bit when it comes to a solid pair of clippers. Having a good motor determines how long your clippers will last and overall quality. There are three types of clipper motors:

The Pivot Motor

A Pivot Motor is very powerful and is typically ideal for course or thick hair. They are also not costly and are not powered with a lot of friction, giving them the added benefit of being unlikely to overheat.

 Rotary Motor

Rotary motors are the best type of motors regarding clipping hair. Although a pair of clippers equipped with a rotary motor may cost you a little more, it is very much worth the investment. Rotary motors can cut through thick and wet hair. Many style professionals such as barbers are known to cut hair with rotary clippers because they are the most powerful.

Magnetic Motor

While magnetic motors output more speed than a rotary or pivot motor, they are not as powerful. Clippers with magnetic motors are noisier and are ideal for hair that is not very course or thick. These clippers are also very inexpensive.

Good Blades

Any excellent pair of clippers comes with excellent blades. The cut and trim are all in the blade, aside from having a powerful motor. However, the blades do it all and are arguably the most important feature of great clippers.

Stainless steel blades are considered the best and are often self-sharpening. This just means there will be no need to replace them, providing the added benefit of saving you money over time.

Gives You Options to Go Cordless or Corded

Some prefer corded and some prefer the convenience of cordless, but which is better?

Most will agree the cordless option is better as it is the most convenient and makes styling much easier. Having a cord can sometime limit range of movement and can be an unnecessary hassle.

When cutting and trimming hair, you’re required to go in various directions at different angles. With corded clippers it can potentially limit the style you want due to a limit in distance.

Another added benefit of cordless clippers is the charging base and rechargeable batteries. These days they are often able to charge in an hour, sometimes less which is ideal for getting the job done fast.


Having accessories included with your clippers is always a nice touch to a purchase. It simplifies the cutting process but having what you need within reach.

Accessories such as guide combs, cleaning brushes, and oils all contribute to the styling experience and maintenance of your clippers.

While some clippers don’t always include certain accessories, you can always buy them separately. Besides this, if you just need additional combs and such because the ones that were included with your clippers aren’t doing the trick purchasing them is always an option.

Each of these should be kept in mind when shopping around for the right clippers. Choosing top quality should be top priority but it doesn’t have to break your bank either. By applying this information you can find the right tools needed to keep your hair in line.