Medical marijuana continues to create commotion in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. People are getting more curious about the supposed health benefits of this herb. Moreover, various studies show that this plant can treat and manage chronic diseases that have seen no cure for so long. Examples of the diseases that medical marijuana can treat are PTSD, epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and chronic pain.

How does Medical Marijuana Differs?

According to professionals, medical marijuana is different compared to pure strains of this herb. It no longer has the THC substance that is responsible for the euphoric effects of the plant. Medical marijuana only contains cannabidiol, which has zero psychoactive effects on individuals. Albeit it is not an addiction inducing substance, CBD in medical marijuana holds powerful medicinal properties.

Currently, medical marijuana remains a Schedule I substance in the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. However, several states have already passed laws legalizing the use, distribution, and marketing of marijuana strictly for medical purposes. Therefore, if a person is caught abusing medical marijuana regardless of form, the alleged person will face legal charges from the state and the Federal level.

What are Medical Marijuana Dispensers?

Medical marijuana dispensers are the answer to the medical industry to prevent individuals from abusing the herb.

As the term suggests, medical marijuana dispensers are authorized distributors of the herb but only offer the product in moderation to customers. A person can only buy a maximum of one gram of medical marijuana from a dispenser distributor. Also, no buyer can get any medical marijuana product without a prescription from a doctor.

MOMs or Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries are quite popular in Canada. These stores are authorized, medical marijuana sellers. They only offer premium products to customers. Hence, you can guarantee that any medical marijuana product at a dispensary is effective and safe for consumption.

MOMs are scattered all around Canada. You can look for a physical medical marijuana dispensary near you, or find one through online sources like the Shaded Co.

Online MOMs are extremely convenient. You can shop 24/7, and receive the product in no more than 24 hours. Although the transaction is done online, the laws and regulations about selling medical marijuana still stand. It is to assure there is no room for abuse and mal-practices of the herb.

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The legalization of using medical marijuana, at the state level, had shown hope to patients who have been suffering from chronic diseases. The benefits of this herb will also transfigure the medical and healthcare industry in the future.

Though the reputation of medical marijuana is still on shaky grounds, yet the legalization of this herb is a great start.

Always remember that medical marijuana remains a Schedule I drug. Hence, you must abide by the laws concerning the correct use of this herb to avoid facing legal disputes.