What is the difference between a half-face helmet and a full-face helmet? Which one is the best? To find out, continue reading this.

A helmet, when riding a motorcycle, is valuable – it can save a life. So, when choosing the right helmet, try not to overlook even the smallest detail that can save your life.

Which helmet is better? Is it a half-face or a full-face helmet?

There are several types of motorcycle helmets in the market today; two of them are half-face helmets and full-face helmets. What is the difference between the two?

Full-Face Helmet

Full-face helmets are the most recommended type of motorcycle helmet. It provides maximum head and neck protection in case of an accident. It is designed to enclose the rider’s head, including the chin bar.

To understand better, here is a list of the pros and cons of using a full-face helmet:


Using a full-face helmet will provide you maximum protection, even the cheeks, and the chin bar.

  • Most of the modern types of helmets are built with sturdy anti-scratch faceshield.
  • Can withhold harsh weather conditions.
  • Protect you from strong wind, while riding at speed.
  • There are a lot of options to choose from and can be used on different motorcycles. You may visit a known website – Mr Bike Helmet to see other options.


  • Tough to turn your head.
  • Tough to take it off, especially when you are using a wrong-fitted helmet.
  • Can make you feel uncomfortable because of the heat inside.
  • The heavy full-face helmet can make your shoulder feel stiff due to the helmet’s weight pressed on the neck and the shoulders.

Half-face helmet

Half-face helmets are rather popular than full-face helmets. One of the reasons is the convenience. Although it does not provide maximum head and neck protection than the full-face helmets, it is recognizable in the market.

Check its pros and cons and find out why several casual riders choose half-face helmets:


  • Ideal for the casual rider, where they can feel better air ventilation than the full-face helmet.
  • Less heavy, unlike the full-face helmet.
  • Easy to take off.
  • Easy to turn your head to the other side.


  • It leaves your face open to injuries in case of an accident.
  • Less head and neck protection.
  • Not weather friendly, especially when it is raining. Also, it is easy for your face to feel cold, especially when your face is exposed to the night’s numbing cold breeze.

Final Thoughts

So, which type of helmet are you planning to purchase? A full-face helmet or a half-face helmet? Choosing between the two, it is safer to buy a full-face helmet, especially if you are a professional rider or into motorcycle competitions. However, if you are a casual rider – a person who uses a motorcycle to the office, to the store, or anywhere who does not take a couple of miles – you may choose a half-face helmet.

Also, to ensure your safety while riding, you must purchase a quality-made helmet that fits you perfectly.