Too busy or tired of paying too much to have your haircut done by hair stylists? Then, why not do it by yourself? With the modern technology, everything is possible; even doing your hairstyle can be easy if you have the right equipment with you. And when it comes to the perfect tool for men’s hairstyle, hair clippers are the best. What are hair clippers? Hair clippers are known to be specialized equipment used to cut and shear the head hair in no time. Its principles are similar to scissors or razors, however, hair clippers are used far more gradual than the other hair cutting tools. This handpiece is an all-in-one equipment that is capable of shearing the hair efficiently. How to use the hair clippers?

First step: Choosing the right guard size

Hair clippers come with several attachments that enable every barbers and stylist to cut the hair to any length.

Below are the tips to which size you should choose when shearing off the hair efficiently:

  • If you are to choose the guard sizes 7 and 8, your intention is to keep an inch of hair on your head.
  • If you are to choose guard sizes shorter than size 4, your intention is to shear a near scalp head hair.

Second step: Handling of hair clippers

  • Hold the clipper with its blades at a downward position, and shearing off the hair against its natural growing direction; with such action, you able to catch more hair.

Third step: Shearing the head hair slowly but surely

  • Never shear off your hair fast, otherwise, you will not get the right hair style. So, slowly shear the hair and make sure not to tug the hair nor hit the scalp to have a smoother, more even, and comfortable haircut. Also, by going slowly, it ensures that you will be able to shear the hair in a single pass.

Fourth step: Remove the hair clipper guard and start clipping the hair directly using the blade

  • The goal of this next step is to shave a clean line at the back of the neck and around the ears. If you are about to do this by yourself, you need to do it slowly and with a mirror because errors might just happen anytime.
  • Clip the hairline at the back of the neck by drawing the clipper down. Through it, you are assured that your neck will also feel comfortable and smooth.
  • Lastly, slowly clip the bottom of your sideburns and compare them if it is even.

Fifth step: Never forget to clean your clippers

  • Always be hygienic and clean your hair clippers by slowly brushing the hairs out of the blades. Also, make sure to disinfect the tool with alcohol and then apply some manufacture prescribed oil when cleaning the clippers. Then, when handling the hair cutting tool, you need to follow the manufacturer’s handling instruction.

Lastly, if you want to know more about hair clippers you can always check this site out.