If you’re unsure on which to choose from a fresh and dried magic mushroom, here’s some help. Know the differences between fresh and dried magic mushrooms right here.

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance. It has psychoactive effects similar to LSD. Although many seek magic mushrooms to improve mood, focus, productivity, and better physical performance, several take the substance for recreational purposes.

If you decided to go on your first magic mushroom trip, there are several things you need to consider. Take note that there are a wide variety of shrooms, each one differs in potency level. As a beginner, a milder magic mushroom is the best option. You also have to consider your weight and tolerance to psilocybin. Not all have a strong tolerance to this substance; thus, you have to watch out for the dosage you consume. Moreover, make sure to have a companion on your first trip to avoid accidents and ensure your safety.

When you go to a magic mushroom distributor, one thing they would ask you is whether you prefer a fresh one or not. Magic mushrooms can be consumed either fresh or dried. It is likewise available in capsules, edibles, powder, and many more. There is a guide to buying mushrooms online that would suggest dried options since they are more accessible and lasts longer. However, it is not always the case.

On Fresh Magic Mushrooms

Fresh magic mushrooms have their benefits. Since the purity of the shroom is in-tacked, you can guarantee it is stronger than dried magic mushrooms. Therefore, you can enjoy more the benefits of a fresh magic mushroom. Likewise, it is easier to take. All you have to do is cultivate fresh magic mushrooms or buy one from an authentic distributor and take them.

Unfortunately, fresh magic mushrooms have a shorter shelf life. They last only for one to two weeks, depending on the care and storage. Because of its shorter lifespan, you need to consume fresh magic mushrooms faster compared to other options.

On Dried Magic Mushrooms

Drying is one of the most effective preservation methods to increase shelf life. It almost retains the chemical composition of the substance without so much impact on its potency. It is no wonder why many uses dried magic mushrooms.

Although dried shrooms no longer have the purity and exact potency of fresh ones, it still has average to a high level of efficacy depending on the variant.

Dried shrooms have a noticeable long lifespan. It can last for two to three months, depending on storage. Therefore, you can enjoy a magic mushroom more when it is dried.

Likewise, you can add dried magic mushrooms to your meals. Some even turn it into powder and mix it into beverages. Thus, you can experiment a lot with dried magic mushrooms and choose the most enjoyable way to consume them.

Though dried mushrooms are not as strong as fresh ones, you have to be careful when taking potent magic mushrooms. Despite being dried, it still has strong effects that can lead to bad trips.

Dried magic mushrooms are also accessible and widely available. You can find them in any online or physical distributor. Moreover, there are a wide variety of reliable brands that sell authentic and high-quality dried shrooms.