Apple and banana chips? Dried mangoes? Dried mushrooms? You can do that at home using a food dehydrator.

What is a food dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is a device that dries or dehydrates food. It is designed with a built-in fan that allows air circulation. With enough airflow, it allows a light flow of heat to circulate within the device, causing the food to reduce its amount of water, thus leaving you dried food.

The length of time for dehydration and the level of temperature will depend on the water content of the food.

  • Water-dense food, such as food and some vegetables, usually requires a higher temperature at least 135-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Low-dense vegetables are dehydrated at a lower temperature; preferably, 125-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Delicate foods, such as herbs are required to be dehydrated at 95-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To dehydrate meat, you need to cook it first with an internal temperature of 165-degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking the meat before the dehydration process helps kill potentially harmful bacteria and dehydrates the food faster and easier. After cooking the meat, your next step is to dehydrate the meat between 130-degrees and 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you need a food dehydrator at home?

A food dehydrator is a useful kitchen device, and there are a lot more reasons to invest one;

Reason #1: Provides healthy food choices that you can make at home.

Reason #2: You do not need to purchase dried food prepared with a lot of preservative at the store when you can make at home.

Reason #3: You can make healthy camping snacks at home.

Reason #4: You can dry your own herb.

Reason #5: You can make beef jerky at home.

Reason #6: It is an excellent kitchen device that allows better food preservation.

There are several more reasons to purchase a food dehydrator, but there are also a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

Downside #1: Requires dedication and time to dehydrate food.

Downside #2: It can reduce vitamins A and C content on vegetables and fruits.

Downside #3: The taste of dried fruits can become too sweet, while vegetables may give you a bland taste.

Is it worth it?

To conclude whether a food dehydrator is worth it or not, it is safe to say that investing food dehydrator is a good addition to your kitchen, especially if you are a foodie. However, to consider its worth, you need to purchase a reliable and well-performing food dehydrator.

There are several food dehydrators in the market that you can choose from; in fact, you can check this Food Dehydrator Review website to decide which food dehydrator you should purchase.

To help you out, here are some factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best food dehydrator:

#1: Airflow and the heat distribution

#2: Convenience or ease of use

#3: Size and the capacity

#4: Price

#5: No noise

#6: Features (Thermostat, Timer, and Auto-shutoff)

Final Thoughts

So, is a food dehydrator worth purchasing? Yes, it is. Although there are downsides to investing in one, the device has a significant role in the kitchen, especially when you are a true foodie.