While it is nice and smart to have blenders at home, you should also take safe blender use into consideration. There are several possible mishaps in the kitchen while using kitchen devices – that includes using blenders. So, to ensure your safety, below are some of the several safety tips when using blenders:


Tip #1: Read the manual


If it is your first time using the blender or your first time using a particular blender, you should never take the manual for granted. The sad part when using a device, several users do not read the manual seriously. Instead, they read some parts and skipped the other parts, which is wrong. If you think that blenders are all the same, think again. Blenders are made unique based on their models. To make sure that you are using the blender according to its model, you should try reading the manual carefully and understand every single step. Amongst other things to consider when using blenders, you should know the wattage and other electrical needs, to avoid electric faulty.


Tip #2: Do not overfill


Even if you are in a hurry you should never fill in all the ingredients to the blender without proper maneuvering because you are likely increasing the chances of hurting yourself. The blade is the most critical part in a blender, but it is also one of the most dangerous parts. To ensure your safety, never overfill the blender with ingredients because it could cause electrical faulty and could lead to kitchen injury. Additionally, never put the spatula, spoon, and your hands in the jar while the blender is plugged, accidents may happen anytime.


Tip #3: Never use the blender too long


Overheat on electrical devices can happen anytime. This is the reason why you need to read the manual before using. Also, several blenders are not equipped with overload protection; so, running the blender too long may cause overheating and may lead to more serious accidents. If you start to smell something unusual, like burning, immediately unplug the device and try to contact the manufacturer for more details.


Tip #4: Make sure to unplug the device if you are not using it.


Again, the blade is one of the most dangerous parts of the blender. So, make sure to take necessary precaution when handling the blade. For instance, handling the blade with wet hands while the device is plugged may lead to electrocution. Also, blenders are often easily turned on, so putting your hands inside the blender can lead to more serious injuries.


Tip #5: Never allow your children to use the blender


Children are innately curious and allowing them to freely handle the blender without adult supervision can lead to serious injuries and electrocution. So, make sure to keep the device out of children’s reach. However, if you are trying to teach your children how to cook, make sure that you are directly supervising them. There are several accidents in the kitchen, and that also includes accidents with the blender. So, to ensure your safety, make sure to read the manual carefully, understand the safe use of the device, and also buy only the best blender on the market that is made with quality.