Security flood lights are probably the most popular solar flood light. Many homeowners prefer to buy this type of lighting to heighten security and safety around the household. Likewise, it is also common in business establishments and offices.

Security flood lights are different compared to the standard outdoor lighting. It has a motion sensor that detects movement in the night. When the motion detector senses movement, the lights will immediately turn on. The average detection range of a security flood light is 180 degrees. Therefore, it could cover the entire area underneath it.

Indeed, adding a security flood light in your home provides peace mind. You can sleep better at night knowing you and your family are safe from intruders.

When it comes to searching for a security flood light, looking for one is quite tricky. Given the numerous manufacturers of this flood light, it is challenging to know which one is the best choice. If you want to buy one, make sure to choose a reliable name like the Westinghouse Security Flood Light.

Why Choose Westinghouse Security Flood Light?

The Westinghouse is a globally renowned manufacturer of electronics, home appliances, and including security flood lights. The company has been around for many years, continuously creating and distributing high-quality products. And their security flood light is not an exception.

The Westinghouse security flood light has a lot to offer. Online review sources admire this product because of its features. You can read an example of Westinghouse security flood light at Solar Guide Light’s website; visit this site now.

To find out more about it, below are the reasons why should consider this option.

1. Weather Resistant

This security flood light is an IPX4 100% waterproof item. It entails the light system is capable of withstanding various weather elements such as heavy rain, fog, snow, and sleet. Moreover, the interior of the flood light is 100% moisture resistant.

2. Smart Solar Technology

It is one of the most popular flood lights with impressive solar intelligence technology. It can detect motion at a distance of eight meters and covers an area of 700 square feet with 120 degrees angle. Such coverage allows you to immediately see the source of motion.

3. Incredible Lighting System

When searching for a security flood light, one of the primary factors you have to consider is the lamp’s level of brightness or lumens. The lumen will help you determine whether the lamp is suitable as security lighting.

The Westinghouse security flood light has forty bulbs with impressive 1000 lumens. Such a level of brightness is enough to let you recognize a person.

4. Easy Installation

Installing this security flood light is easy. It does not require much effort and there’s no need to ask for a professional’s help. All you have to do is follow the manual’s instructions on how to install the lamp.

5. Durable

The lamp features durable construction. The flood light’s build is strong enough for outdoor use. With proper care and maintenance, the lamp could last for many years.


Security flood lights serve as your home’s additional protection. And the Westinghouse security flood light is just the right choice, given its quality and performance.

But if you need other alternatives, go to the Solar Guide Light. Right here, you will find this year’s best-seller security flood lights.