Camping enthusiasts typically have their itineraries for their trip neatly written down. If not on a handy notepad or electronic device, they have everything in their minds. However, people who are still new to camping and outdoor adventure have limited knowledge on what to bring on a camping trip. That goes for what not to bring as well. Understandably, their lack of experience means that they still have a long way to go in planning a smooth camping trip. But then again, nobody goes on a camping trip and expects to have a perfect time. It’s the outdoors, after all.

However, the ubiquitous equipment when going camping is one thing that even newcomers are unable to forget, even if they tried. The tent is symbolic of outdoor adventure, as it provides the means of shelter and protection from small animals and insects. But remembering to bring a tent along doesn’t equate to extensive knowledge in actually picking up a good tent from the store. Here is a short checklist of what to look for in a tent.

Ease of setup

Newbies and experts in camping alike will want to have a tent that can be erected in a couple of minutes. Technology has come a long way, and there are now tents that can expand to their livable size once a fastening has been unlatched. Sure, it’s not as challenging as what the boy scouts do. But in all seriousness, would anyone who is going on a weekend camping trip want to spend the entire afternoon learning to pitch a tent?

Ease of storage

Conversely, storing the tent in a nifty bag should also be hassle-free. Obviously, folding up a modern tent won’t be as fast as setting it up. The latter has springs that can almost immediately erect a tent; while folding it up requires some work. However, it’s quite minimal since tents these days can be folded in specific ways where even an inexperienced camper can’t go wrong. To avoid fumbling, it’s best to practice storing the tent a few times while not in the actual camping grounds.


It’s definitely an obvious consideration when buying a tent. However, some people forget about this upon seeing an attractive-looking tent. It’s best to have an idea beforehand about the number of people who will be using the tent on a regular basis. There are¬†reviews of the best tents for 2 people¬†available on the Internet, and it’s usually the most popular one since it can also be used by people who want to go camping on their own.


Cost-wise, the durability of a tent’s material typically scales to its price tag. However, this isn’t always the case. There are reasonably priced tents with build and material quality that far excels popular brands. And everyone knows how brand name can net additional cost on the price of goods, including camping equipment. Reviews on the Internet can help greatly in this regard. It’s best to check out a community of outdoor adventurers who can provide the most reliable advice in tent quality.