The value of home security systems cannot be questioned with the rising incidence of burglary everywhere you go. These systems are also important in protecting their homes and properties from fires and other disasters. There are many options for homeowners; the choice is generally influenced by the kind of neighborhood in which they live, the degree of protection they want and how much they can afford and willing to spend for the security.


There are two basic types of home security systems – unmonitored and monitored. For both types, though, you can include a DVR system in the setup. The best DVR security systems these days allow you to record both audio and video to keep your family protected. You can scour the Internet for good reviews of the best DVR system to keep your home and family secured.


Unmonitored or Local Alarm System


The unmonitored or local alarm is the traditional type of security system that can be found in most homes. This system consists of several sensors strategically placed around the house. These set off a loud alarm if intruders are sensed. You can expand this to include more vulnerable parts of your home and grounds by hooking up more sensors to possible points of entry such as doors and windows. You may also add more advanced options such as motion detectors and automatic lighting systems.


The biggest advantage of this type of home security is its affordability and flexibility. Another downside is that no one else is alarmed but those that can hear them. If you live in a home that’s a bit far from other homes, it is better to opt for any of the monitored types of home security systems.


Monitored Home Alarm System


It is similar in many ways to local alarm systems. The main difference is the fact that it is connected to a security monitoring company. This means that in case a burglar trips your alarm system, the monitoring service will come to your rescue 24/7 year round. Intrusions are monitored and you will be called upon to ask for a password to determine if the break-in is a real threat or it is just a false alarm. After the break-in has been confirmed, they will alert the police.


There is no doubt about the benefits of having a monitored home alarm system. It may cost you more, but a lot of security monitoring services can offer to give you more value for your money. In many cases, monitoring hazards such as fires and carbon dioxide are part of the security monitoring service. You can get mobile apps that let you easily get updates on the security status of your home even when you are away. The biggest advantage is when you find service providers that will give the equipment and installation for free after you sign up for service.


If you decide on the second type of home security system, you will be asked to choose the system to call your monitoring center. You can either use a landline connection, a cellular phone, or a fast broadband connection.


Although you have two basic types of home security systems to choose from, there are other additional features that your service provider can offer as an add-on – panic buttons, glass break sensors, stress sensors, motion detectors, video monitoring, and wireless systems. No system is entirely perfect, so make sure you do your own share of vigilance to boost safety.