Whenever people want to select the best product in the market, they first compare them before selecting and you are certainly not exception. I have a lot of experience in handling jigsaws and in this article, I will review some of the best jigsaws to give you an opportunity to compare them. There are many more comparisons of the top jigsaws available at Wooden Pallets Projects Toolbox, I invite you to visit their website. Let me now endeavor to get you as much information as possible to help you make the best choice.

My top 5 picks

I would like to make mention that the brands and products I will list here are not exhaustive, but you will get more on the Wooden Pallets Projects Toolbox website.

1. The Wooden Pallets Projects Toolbox. This is one of the cheapest brands you will find in the market. This is recommended for beginners and for people who use the jigsaw occasionally. It has a power of 45Amps and can handle house tasks and small projects. It has a general purpose blade, a tool-less blade change, a dust blower, and a bevel at 45 degrees.

2. The Black and Decker BDEJS600C. This is a very good brand with an impressive speed of 3000 SPM which is controlled by a trigger. This product is versatile in that it’s balanced, easy to maneuver, and uses curve technology in allowing the orbit to be adjusted from 1-4 settings. It’s also good for beginners, has a general purpose blade, and its power can handle Basic DIY and simple projects.

3. Skil 4395-01 and Skil 4495-02. They have a stable foot system which allows the footplate to move forward allowing stable and controlled starts. They have a molded tool rest design which prevents the blade from damaging the material. They’re best for general purpose saw on the heavy duty side and great projects like decking/pallet upcycling etc.

4. Bosch JS260. It features a powerful 6 Amp motor and variable speed from 500 to 3100 SPM. It also has an accelerator trigger which controls its operation speed. It has a 4 orbital action settings and an aluminum gearbox. It comes with a low-vibration plunging design and a dust blower which cleans the cut line. Its blade clamp accepts both the T-shank blades and the U-shank type and has a tool-less blade change system. The last thing I will mention about this is the fact that it’s lightweight and has a heavy gauge steel footplate which allows dual bevel adjustment to 45° using an alien key.

5. Dewalt DW317K. Since it’s ergonomic and smaller, one can easily see the cutting line and move along it. It’s durable and easy to operate. It’s compact but still has a good weight and enough power.


I know there are more options for comparisons of the top jigsaws available in the market, but based on my experience, I have highlighted the top 5 which are applicable to both new entrants and seasoned cutters. You won’t miss your best choice from the five.