Is chicken meat one of your favorites? If it is, you won’t probably turn down a delicious smoked chicken on the table.

Chicken is one of the easiest meats to smoke. Moreover, a whole chicken slowly roasted in smoke is the best thing you’ll ever taste. The smoky flavor easily melts in your mouth, making you crave for more.

Perfecting a smoked chicken is effortless. Here are some tips to help you make a mouth-watering chicken that will surely satisfy your appetite.

Pick the Right Chicken

Choosing the right chicken meat is the first step towards a tasty meal. Some people ignore this fact thinking all chicken meat is similar. It is entirely wrong.

Always pick a plump and fresh chicken. Avoid buying shriveled chicken meat that has been frozen for a long time like those you find in the supermarket. Frozen chicken is practically tasteless. Letting it stay in the freezing for a long time sucks out the meat’s moisture.

Also, evade chicken with mixed with a solution. The solution is chemical called brine that makes the chicken appear plump and fresh. But in reality, they’re not, and it tastes awful.

It’s All about the Rub and Marinade

After picking a fresh chicken, the next you need to do is to prepare the seasoning and marinade. Select ingredients for your marinade and rub that you prefer. You can go all traditional with herbs and spices, or make a sweet roasted chicken.

Rub all the herbs on the chicken. The next step is to soak the chicken meat in the marinade you prepared. Make sure to let it stay for several hours or overnight. Let the flavor sink inside out of the meat.

Another trick that experts use to add flavor to the chicken is to place spices in the cavity like garlic and onions. The spices will enhance the taste from the inside.

Look for the Right Wood

The wood you are going to use to smoke the chicken will affect its flavor. The best wood to use is hickory, apple, and cherry. And if you can’t find one of these, any fruitwood would work.

Avoid choosing pine, or any softwood for that matter for it will ruin the meat’s flavor.

Maintain the Perfect Heat Level

The best way to cook chicken meat is to use a higher temperature for a part of the cooking time. Start your smoker temperature about 225 to 350F degrees for a whole chicken. Cook the meat for at least an hour.

Avoid slow cooking chicken meat. It will turn the skin rubbery and tough. And cooking it above the recommended temperature will cause the skin to render too much fat and moisture.

Use a Functional Smoker

The key to perfecting a smoked chicken is getting the right temperature. Thus, it is best to get a smoker with temperature control. You can get examples of the best smoker with this feature here at Additionally, right on this source, you will see additional info regarding smoking meat and advice from the experts.

Are you ready to make your version of smoked chicken?

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