A serious damage can be caused in your eyes if they dry out tears. This can lead you to feel unbearable pain and feel uncomfortable while you are trying to look at different things. You need a reliable lubricant and rehydration tool to bring back the wet eyes.

The lubricating eye drops

There are many types of lubricating eye drops that you can get in the pharmacies. Due to this competition in the market, you are not sure on which product is the best for you. There is no need to worry again get a top product and realize its effectiveness after use. A top product is classic with the best results among the dry eye treatments that are available in the market.

What you need to look in the classic product

The tear like results

When the tear film breaks up, the ocular cells at the surface are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. This can lead to a cellular damage causing your eyes itchiness, a burning and sensational form of eye pain. This causes your eyes to be dry and you will need a good product to treat your dry eyes. This is when you will require artificial tears from the leading products to help your eyes to hold back eye wetness.

Consists of sodium hyaluronate

This is a pure guarantee of making your eye to get an optical lubrication. It is naturally long lasting after applying in your dry eyes. It has a chemical structure that binds and retains its own water weight that helps effectively to maintain a wet effect in your eyes. It perfectly adheres to the surface of the ocular forming a uniform and stable film that keeps your eyes lubricated.

Free from preservatives

You need a product free from preservatives. Preservatives are used to prevent the contamination of eye drops during the period of storage. When you use a product with preservative it may affect the natural tear film. This can damage the ocular surface cells causing an intolerant reaction in your eye. Lack of preservatives in the product prevents content contamination.

Avoiding the phosphate products

When you purchase a product to lubricate your eyes, select the ones without phosphate in them. Most products have phosphate and this is harmful on your damaged cornea. They can impair your vision from adverse reactions of the phosphate product and the corneal cells.

 The cost

You need a wet dry product that will work and still safe you a good amount of your money. It is expensive to get a commodity that you will use and after using, you go completely blind. A product is considered cheap when it gives you the required results without extra expenses of treating your eyes further. HYLO-COMOD for dry eyes is the best product for retaining your eye wetness.


You feel very uncomfortable when your eyes are dry. The pain accompanied with dry eyes tells you that you need a lubricating product for your eyes. The above components are very useful in the product that you use to avoid complete damage in your eyes.