Riding an ATV is such a great experience. It is more fun and thrilling, especially when going off-road. It allows you to view sceneries in a whole different way. Not to mention, it is a great outdoor activity to keep your kid from getting glued on playing mobile games and other gadgets. Likewise, it is the best course of action to bond with your child.

Similar to learning how to ride a bicycle, there are a few basics your kid must learn. And as a parent, it’ll be your responsibility to guide and watch over your kid as he learns how to ride an ATV.

If you have no idea where to begin, below are some tips to give you a good foundation on how to get started riding electric quads for kids.

Tip #1: Find a Safe and High-Quality Electric Quad

ATV comes in different models and designs. Manufacturers distinguish ATVs according to the machine’s number of wheels and source of power. Notice that some ATVs have three wheels, whereas others have four wheels. Also, some are gas-powered, while other models rely on electricity as a source of power.

The safest design and model for kids are electric four-wheeled ATVs. It is what manufacturers call electric quads. This model is ideal for kids since it is safer and easier to maneuver, unlike gas-powered versions.

Take note that there is a wide variety of electric quads for kids in the market; so, spend time in perusing the qualities of each model. Moreover, consult product review sources like the Guide Cool, to learn more about the ATVs specifications, advantages, and drawbacks.

Tip #2: Wear the Correct Protective Gear

Before letting your kid ride the electric quad, make sure he wears a complete protective gear. Wearing safety gear is a precautionary measure in reducing the risks of injuries.

The basic gears you must find are knee and elbow pads, a helmet, and a riding suit.

Tip #3: Correct Posture and Positioning

Teach your child the correct posture when riding an electric quad. Mind that the bodyweight has a huge role when riding an ATV. For example, the rider must shift his body weight to one side when shifting.

When riding an ATV, the feet must stay on the footrests. Relax the shoulders and adjust the elbows to get a good grip on the handlebars.

The knees must face the gas tank. Also, both hands must stay on the handlebar at all times. If not, the vehicle might veer off the wrong way. The handlebars serve as the control of the quad.

Tip #4: Practice Control

Assure that your kid learns how to control the vehicle from using the throttle, turning, and doing the reverse.

This part could get a little tricky for kids. Be patient; it will probably take time for them to master controlling the vehicle.

Tip #5: Begin at Easy Trails

Learning how to ride an electric quad is a gradual process. Beginners, especially kids, must take on easy trails or tracks. Your child can ride on more challenging terrains when he develops the right skills.

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