For people who love going on an outdoor adventure, or having a long travel, having something to carry all the essential things is important to have an easy and enjoyable experience. So it is also important to have a backpack that is built to withstand the rough outdoors while effectively carrying the stuff necessary for the activity. With these in mind, then the Kelty 32 might just be the right bag for the next outdoor adventure, and here is why:

Small Size

In backpacking, people always think that a bigger bag means better because it lets people carry more on their back. However, this is not the case with Kelty Redwing. Other backpacks have as much as 80L, but the Kelty Redwing only has 32L. How is this an advantage? Well, bigger backpacks may mean more room for stuff, but it also means more room for unnecessary things to bring outdoors. The Kelty cuts all that, and makes sure that one is only carrying what is needed. Its small size also leads to the next point.


With less room for unnecessary items, the Kelty Redwing allows the person to carry only the things needed for the activity, which means that it is a lot lighter to carry around, compared to bigger backpacks.


Unlike other backpacks, the Kelty Redwing does not have a frame that supports the gear to keep it upright. Instead of the traditional frame, the Kelty uses a High Density Polyethylene Panel, which is lighter than the usual backpack frames. This makes the Kelty Redwing even lighter.

Back Panel

Because it is made with a High Density Polyethylene Panel, the Kelty 32 is able to free up space, allowing it to make a back panel that is made from Hex mesh. Any backpackers will know how unpleasant it is to find a sweaty back after carrying a bag for a long period of time. The hex mesh on the back panel of the bag allows air flow, keeping the back cool during use.


The Kelty Redwing may be small in size, but it makes up for its number of pockets. It is incredible how much can be stored with this bag’s pockets. Aside from the internal storage, the Kelty 32 has 2 zippered pockets, a top stash pocket, 2 mesh pockets on each side, and a stash pocket behind the front pocket. One amazing feature of this bag is that it has a “pass through” on each side, which is great for carrying long objects such as sticks, trekking poles, and so on.

The Kelty Redwing 32 is great for day hiking, traveling, and lightweight overnight trips. This backpack may not be suitable for activities that require staying for multiple nights. Its size only allows it for light outdoor hiking and travel; it only allows the person to carry just the essential stuff. The pockets allow easy access and compartmentalization of items. It is lightweight and easy to carry due to its size. It is durable because of the material it is made from. It is comfortable to carry around and proves to be great for various activities.