Keyport Pivot is a multi-functional tool that could transform your daily activities. Find out why it is worth investing money. 

Keys are probably one of the essential things that one should be carrying whenever leaving their homes. Despite the popularity of smart locks, a person still owns and carries a set of keys everywhere. And no matter how uncomfortable it is to carry a bunch of keys, you still need to do so.

The discomfort and inconvenience of carrying keys all day long is not a complex problem. What you need is a simple solution, and that is using the Keyport Pivot key organizer.

The Keyport Pivot is one of the leading key organizers in the market. This multi-functional tool can hold several keys at once and allows you to find certain keys faster and easier. It integrates your keys and pocket tools you need for daily activities. These features are only some of the perks you can get from using the Keyport Pivot. Below is a more detailed guideline about the tool’s advantages and why you should get one.

#1 Pivot Locking Mechanism

Keyport Pivot features an impressive locking mechanism. The tool is engineered to click and lock every 90 degrees to prevent keys from getting detached. This feature assures your keys are in place and reduces its chances of getting lost.

#2 Sturdy Build

Keyport made the tool using premium materials to ensure the exterior is tough and resistant to impact. Since the product has a strong build, it has a longer lifespan compared to ordinary key organizers. Given its tough exterior, you can use it for outdoor activities.

#3 Modular EDC Tools

Keyport is the only brand that allows you to build your ideal EDC solution one modular component at a time. With Keyport Pivot, you can customize your key organizer and include all the necessary tools you need daily. Hence, this feature maximizes the tool’s functionality and performance.

#4 Customizable Faceplates

Chances are one of your family members, friends, and or colleagues who use the same key organizer as you. And you might have mistaken it as yours at least once.

The Keyport Pivot offers customizable faceplates to prevent such circumstances. You can choose from their available faceplate options, such as camouflage, carbon fiber, wood grain, etc. to make your key organizer unique. You can also ask the store to add your favorite barcode to separate your key organizers from others.

#5 Keyport ID

This key holder features a Keyport ID, which is a lost and found service. The ID has QR Code, where your personal information is encrypted, like your name and address. The lost and found ID makes it easier for you to locate the missing key holder and get it back.

#6 Affordable

Keyport Pivot is one of the most budget-friendly key organizers out there. From this source,, you’ll notice that most key holders are more expensive but not this option.

Keyport Pivot is indeed worth investing money given its impressive features, durability, and versatility. It is the best solution to your common key problems.