Are you planning to get a pet hedgehog soon? If yes, then you might want to read this article to know the things that this adorable animal needs.

Hedgehogs may have a prickly exterior but that should not scare you off. Despite their appearance, hedgehogs are friendly and warm creatures. They can be perfect family pets.

This pet might be small in size but they actually need a lot of space to keep them comfortable inside their cage. Before you bring your hedgehog home, make sure that you have prepared everything it needs to keep it healthy and happy.

Below are the things necessary for a satisfied hedgehog pet.

1. Cage

This is the first one on the list because hedgehogs need a safe place to stay that they can consider their home. Basically, hedgehogs need a floor space of at least 2.5 to 2 square feet. It depends on your personal preference whether you will purchase one from the store or make your own. If you own a rabbit or guinea pig cage, you can use it as well.

Honestly, owning a hedgehog does not mean that you need to purchase a new cage. Some hedgehog owners use storage containers or large tubs instead of buying cages. It is true that those kinds of cages may not look really pretty but it can save you money.

If you prefer the DIY way, just make sure that you provide your pet enough space for their essentials and of course, to explore.

2. Bedding

There are several choices of animal beddings in the market and you can choose any depending on your personal preference. You can use recycled newspaper or even wood chips if you like.

Always remember to avoid using bedding made of cedar wood as it contains aromatic oils that cause respiratory problems to your pet and can even lead to death.

3. Food and Water Container

Just like other small pets, hedgehogs need fresh water and food. It is recommended that you get them a low food dish to give them easy access to their food.

When it comes to water, you can either use a water bottle or a feeding bowl.

4. Wheel

Hedgehogs are like hamsters because they also love to run a lot. Did you know that hedgehogs can run 12 miles a night? With that said, a wheel is a necessary item for your hedgehog’s cage.

Choose plastic-made wheels that have flat bottoms instead of wire-made wheels. The reason for this is hedgehogs have small feet that can get stuck between the wheel’s wire. You don’t want your pet to suffer any serious injury, do you?

Moreover, when it comes to the wheel’s size, you must choose a 12-inch diameter or larger. It might be too big for your pet at first but it will eventually grow into it.

5. Covered Shelter

Hedgehogs love to sleep in a covered shelter because it makes them feel secure. The enclosed area will also serve as their refuge once things inside the cage get too loud. Make sure that the shelter is big enough for your pet to move.

To provide the best comfort for your pet, it is best to read product reviews to help you in picking the right hedgehog cage.