Food Dehydrator: What Is It? Do You Need One?

Apple and banana chips? Dried mangoes? Dried mushrooms? You can do that at home using a food dehydrator. What is a food dehydrator? A food dehydrator is a device that dries or dehydrates food. It is designed with a built-in fan that allows air circulation. With enough airflow, it allows a light flow of heat to circulate within the device, causing the food to reduce its amount of water, thus.. Read More

Is APK Inspection of a Dutch-registered Vehicle Outside of the Netherlands Valid?

No Dutch-registered motor and a foreign vehicle in the country staying for more than 3 months shall drive on the Dutch public highways. But what if your APK certificate expiration nears when you’re out of the country with your vehicle? What should you do? A mandatory periodical technical inspection of motors and vehicles is implanted in the Netherlands. It applies to all Dutch-registered vehicles, as well as, foreign vehicles in.. Read More