Tips on How to Extend Meat Shelf-Life

Meat products have a fairly short lifespan. They rot quickly especially with incorrect storage and poor preservation methods. Find out the ways on how to preserve meat and save more money right here. Food storage controls and extends the lifespan of fresh foods such as produce, dairy, meat products, and poultry products. It is vital to maintaining food safety. Moreover, it limits food wastage. It allows you to preserve precious.. Read More

Fresh Magic Mushroom is Better, Or Not?

If you’re unsure on which to choose from a fresh and dried magic mushroom, here’s some help. Know the differences between fresh and dried magic mushrooms right here. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance. It has psychoactive effects similar to LSD. Although many seek magic mushrooms to improve mood, focus, productivity, and better physical performance, several take the substance for recreational purposes. If you decided to go on your.. Read More

Baking Soda VS Blackheads: Is It Effective?

Using baking soda for blackhead removal? Is it possible? To find out, check this post. What is a blackhead? Blackheads are clogged sebum in the pores and not external dirt. Sebum is a naturally occurring oil in the skin. When the sebum is clogged inside the stretched pores and exposed to the air, it causes the sebum to darken; hence, called “blackhead”. How is blackhead removed? There are several methods.. Read More

Half-Face Helmet vs Full-Face Helmet: Which Helmet Should You Use?

What is the difference between a half-face helmet and a full-face helmet? Which one is the best? To find out, continue reading this. A helmet, when riding a motorcycle, is valuable – it can save a life. So, when choosing the right helmet, try not to overlook even the smallest detail that can save your life. Which helmet is better? Is it a half-face or a full-face helmet? There are.. Read More

Food Dehydrator: What Is It? Do You Need One?

Apple and banana chips? Dried mangoes? Dried mushrooms? You can do that at home using a food dehydrator. What is a food dehydrator? A food dehydrator is a device that dries or dehydrates food. It is designed with a built-in fan that allows air circulation. With enough airflow, it allows a light flow of heat to circulate within the device, causing the food to reduce its amount of water, thus.. Read More

Is APK Inspection of a Dutch-registered Vehicle Outside of the Netherlands Valid?

No Dutch-registered motor and a foreign vehicle in the country staying for more than 3 months shall drive on the Dutch public highways. But what if your APK certificate expiration nears when you’re out of the country with your vehicle? What should you do? A mandatory periodical technical inspection of motors and vehicles is implanted in the Netherlands. It applies to all Dutch-registered vehicles, as well as, foreign vehicles in.. Read More