Ways to Practice Meditation that Can Help Improve Your Business Online

There are several struggles doing business online, especially when there is tough competition out there. So, it is no longer news that every online business venturer would experience stress and anxiety, resulting in poor business outcomes. How will you overcome such a problem? Try meditating.

Focus, determination, and a sprinkle of meditation are a few ways to overcome business stress and anxiety. Through self-reflection and meditation, you’ll be able to compose yourself and figure out ways how to deal with various business struggles.

To help you become more productive, here are ways to practice meditations that can help improve your business online:

#1: Try waking up early

To start your day, you should practice waking up early. In this way, you’ll have enough time for morning meditation.

Morning rituals or meditations are essential. It provides you clear energy and positivity that will help you throughout the day. Plus, it allows you to control your daily schedules, rather than your schedule will control you.

#2: Take deep breathes

Struggles along the way are normal for every business owner, either they own an online business or a traditional street-side business. These business struggles will put pressure on you, causing you mental, emotional, and even physical stress, leading to mistakes in decision-making.

Do you know what you need to do? You need to breathe – mentally and emotionally. And to do this, you need to execute a few blows of deep breathing.

If you are facing struggles while making business decisions, try to stop what you are doing and practice deep breathing. Deep breathing once in a while, especially during stressful moments, will encourage oxygen to the brain, resulting in a clearer mind. Also, deep breathing will help replenish focus.

#3: Take a few small breaks

Breaks are essential in productivity. It allows you to recharge the energy you have consumed on your work. But did you know that you can still boost your productivity by taking a few small breaks here and there? Two minutes are enough to meditate just to reload your energy. Also, those two minutes of small breaks are enough to boost your focus.

You do not need to set up a space to meditate; you can meditate even while in front of your computer. What you need is two-minute music that allows you to feel calm and at peace.

How do you meditate at work?

  • Get comfortable, even while you are on your office chair.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take deep breathes in a rhythmic pattern and turn your focus on each breath.
  • Relax

You can start your day with 5 -10 minutes of meditation. Then at work, you may try 2 – 3 minutes of meditation, while taking small breaks. Meditating while at work is easy to do; check Emily and Blair additional details.

#4: End the day with a meditation

To regain the energy that you have consumed throughout the day, try meditating. 5 – 10 minutes of meditation before bedtime is enough to clear all your worries from work. Also, practicing meditation before bedtime will help you fall asleep.

Tips on How to Extend Meat Shelf-Life

Meat products have a fairly short lifespan. They rot quickly especially with incorrect storage and poor preservation methods. Find out the ways on how to preserve meat and save more money right here.

Food storage controls and extends the lifespan of fresh foods such as produce, dairy, meat products, and poultry products. It is vital to maintaining food safety. Moreover, it limits food wastage. It allows you to preserve precious ingredients and save more money. However, one simple mistake can have major consequences. Storage mistakes can lead to food contamination, and worse, food poisoning.

All fresh foods are prone to contamination. However, studies show that most food contamination incidents are due to the consumption of contaminated meat products. These incidents often stem from storage mistakes and poor preservation methods. To avoid spoilage of meat products and prolong the shelf-life, it is important to follow correct food storage.

Common Meat Preservation Methods

  • Drying

Drying is perhaps one of the oldest methods of preserving food. It involves the process of removing moisture from the food to stop the growth of spoilage bacteria and organisms. Pathogens thrive on moisture; thus, eradicating moisture stops water activity on the food and prevents microbial growth.

There are different ways to dry meat. You can dry the meat products by leaving them under the sun. Meanwhile, others use a dehydrator machine for easier and faster meat drying.

  • Smoking

Smoking kills the bacteria on the meat’s surface by using the heat of the smoke. The higher temperature prevents bacterial regrowth and the smoke contains inhibitory chemicals that help prolong meat shelf-life.

Hot smoking is more suitable for meat preservation than cold smoke. Although the latter is applicable, it can’t preserve the meat for longer periods, unlike hot smoking.

  • Chilling

Chilling or refrigeration is the most popular method of preserving meat. It extends the lifespan of meat products by keeping them in storage at an accurate temperature.

  • Freezing

Chilling requires a temperature lower than the average room temperature. On the other hand, freezing is a food preservation method that extends food shelf-life by using below zero degrees temperature.

Freezing retains the meat quality due to the small size of ice crystals. This method can also help extend the lifespan of food by years in some cases.

Meat Storage Tips

  • Organize the Meat Products

Proper food organization immensely helps in preserving their quality. Make sure to store the meat products on the bottom shelf and ready-to-eat meat on the top shelves to prevent the risk of leaks from the raw meat. If you are preserving the meat on a refrigerator, place the meat products in the chiller compartment or the freezer for longer preservation.

  • Use Air-Tight Containers

Keep the meat products in an air-tight container or vacuum seal the food. Keeping the meat in a vacuum-sealed bag prolongs its freshness and quality. Likewise, it prevents freezer burn, which is a common consequence of preserving food in freezers. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can get the best vacuum sealer under $100.

  • Keep an Eye on the Expiration Date

Make sure to take note of the meat’s expiration date. Place the meat products with a near expiration date on top. Also, keep track of the vacuum-sealed meat you already opened. Consume them first before opening another bag.

Fresh Magic Mushroom is Better, Or Not?

If you’re unsure on which to choose from a fresh and dried magic mushroom, here’s some help. Know the differences between fresh and dried magic mushrooms right here.

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance. It has psychoactive effects similar to LSD. Although many seek magic mushrooms to improve mood, focus, productivity, and better physical performance, several take the substance for recreational purposes.

If you decided to go on your first magic mushroom trip, there are several things you need to consider. Take note that there are a wide variety of shrooms, each one differs in potency level. As a beginner, a milder magic mushroom is the best option. You also have to consider your weight and tolerance to psilocybin. Not all have a strong tolerance to this substance; thus, you have to watch out for the dosage you consume. Moreover, make sure to have a companion on your first trip to avoid accidents and ensure your safety.

When you go to a magic mushroom distributor, one thing they would ask you is whether you prefer a fresh one or not. Magic mushrooms can be consumed either fresh or dried. It is likewise available in capsules, edibles, powder, and many more. There is a guide to buying mushrooms online that would suggest dried options since they are more accessible and lasts longer. However, it is not always the case.

On Fresh Magic Mushrooms

Fresh magic mushrooms have their benefits. Since the purity of the shroom is in-tacked, you can guarantee it is stronger than dried magic mushrooms. Therefore, you can enjoy more the benefits of a fresh magic mushroom. Likewise, it is easier to take. All you have to do is cultivate fresh magic mushrooms or buy one from an authentic distributor and take them.

Unfortunately, fresh magic mushrooms have a shorter shelf life. They last only for one to two weeks, depending on the care and storage. Because of its shorter lifespan, you need to consume fresh magic mushrooms faster compared to other options.

On Dried Magic Mushrooms

Drying is one of the most effective preservation methods to increase shelf life. It almost retains the chemical composition of the substance without so much impact on its potency. It is no wonder why many uses dried magic mushrooms.

Although dried shrooms no longer have the purity and exact potency of fresh ones, it still has average to a high level of efficacy depending on the variant.

Dried shrooms have a noticeable long lifespan. It can last for two to three months, depending on storage. Therefore, you can enjoy a magic mushroom more when it is dried.

Likewise, you can add dried magic mushrooms to your meals. Some even turn it into powder and mix it into beverages. Thus, you can experiment a lot with dried magic mushrooms and choose the most enjoyable way to consume them.

Though dried mushrooms are not as strong as fresh ones, you have to be careful when taking potent magic mushrooms. Despite being dried, it still has strong effects that can lead to bad trips.

Dried magic mushrooms are also accessible and widely available. You can find them in any online or physical distributor. Moreover, there are a wide variety of reliable brands that sell authentic and high-quality dried shrooms.

Baking Soda VS Blackheads: Is It Effective?

Using baking soda for blackhead removal? Is it possible? To find out, check this post.

What is a blackhead?

Blackheads are clogged sebum in the pores and not external dirt. Sebum is a naturally occurring oil in the skin. When the sebum is clogged inside the stretched pores and exposed to the air, it causes the sebum to darken; hence, called “blackhead”.

How is blackhead removed?

There are several methods to remove blackheads, including:

  • Using over-the-counter skincare products that contain salicylic acid.
  • Using exfoliating products that contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids). Products with Glycolic acid are a common AHA and Salicylic Acid is a prominent BHA.
  • Occasional use of skin brush; however, not ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Topical retinoid is an over-the-counter product that can remove the stubborn case of blackheads and even acne.
  • Seeing a dermatologist for blackhead extraction.

Did you know that there are home remedies that can help you remove blackheads? One of which is using baking soda. However, is it effective?

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline compound that helps neutralize the acidic substance in and out of the body. Also, it helps manage the pH levels. Here are a few health benefits of baking soda:

  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • It contains antiseptic properties
  • It can help soothe inflammation and mild pain
  • It can be used as an exfoliant

On the contrary, the frequent use of baking soda as a skincare regimen can do more harm than good. While baking soda helps manage the pH levels on the skin, it can also alter the healthy range of the skin’s pH level.

Applying a strong level of baking soda to the skin can strip down the natural oil and exposing the skin to harmful bacteria.

So, is it good or bad?

Using baking soda to remove blackheads or reduce acne is effective since it is considered an exfoliant and contains anti-inflammation and antiseptic properties. However, using baking soda more than the recommended can cause skin problems. For this reason, it is ideal to use baking soda with natural ingredients that are often found at home when treating acne or blackheads.

It is not recommended to use a significant amount of baking soda directly on the skin. Instead, you need to add other natural ingredients;

  • Baking soda and water
  • Baking soda
  • Baking soda and lemon juice
  • Baking soda and apple cider vinegar
  • Baking soda and honey

Also, make sure that the quantity of baking soda is at a safe level. Try to visit Younger Skin Guide to find out how to make the baking soda solution with natural ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Baking soda is effective in removing blackheads. However, it can be harmful to the skin if used more than what is recommended. Also, it is not recommended to use baking soda every day; instead, you may use it together with other ingredients every once or twice a week.

Lastly, consult your dermatologist for additional information about blackhead removal.

Half-Face Helmet vs Full-Face Helmet: Which Helmet Should You Use?

What is the difference between a half-face helmet and a full-face helmet? Which one is the best? To find out, continue reading this.

A helmet, when riding a motorcycle, is valuable – it can save a life. So, when choosing the right helmet, try not to overlook even the smallest detail that can save your life.

Which helmet is better? Is it a half-face or a full-face helmet?

There are several types of motorcycle helmets in the market today; two of them are half-face helmets and full-face helmets. What is the difference between the two?

Full-Face Helmet

Full-face helmets are the most recommended type of motorcycle helmet. It provides maximum head and neck protection in case of an accident. It is designed to enclose the rider’s head, including the chin bar.

To understand better, here is a list of the pros and cons of using a full-face helmet:


Using a full-face helmet will provide you maximum protection, even the cheeks, and the chin bar.

  • Most of the modern types of helmets are built with sturdy anti-scratch faceshield.
  • Can withhold harsh weather conditions.
  • Protect you from strong wind, while riding at speed.
  • There are a lot of options to choose from and can be used on different motorcycles. You may visit a known website – Mr Bike Helmet to see other options.


  • Tough to turn your head.
  • Tough to take it off, especially when you are using a wrong-fitted helmet.
  • Can make you feel uncomfortable because of the heat inside.
  • The heavy full-face helmet can make your shoulder feel stiff due to the helmet’s weight pressed on the neck and the shoulders.

Half-face helmet

Half-face helmets are rather popular than full-face helmets. One of the reasons is the convenience. Although it does not provide maximum head and neck protection than the full-face helmets, it is recognizable in the market.

Check its pros and cons and find out why several casual riders choose half-face helmets:


  • Ideal for the casual rider, where they can feel better air ventilation than the full-face helmet.
  • Less heavy, unlike the full-face helmet.
  • Easy to take off.
  • Easy to turn your head to the other side.


  • It leaves your face open to injuries in case of an accident.
  • Less head and neck protection.
  • Not weather friendly, especially when it is raining. Also, it is easy for your face to feel cold, especially when your face is exposed to the night’s numbing cold breeze.

Final Thoughts

So, which type of helmet are you planning to purchase? A full-face helmet or a half-face helmet? Choosing between the two, it is safer to buy a full-face helmet, especially if you are a professional rider or into motorcycle competitions. However, if you are a casual rider – a person who uses a motorcycle to the office, to the store, or anywhere who does not take a couple of miles – you may choose a half-face helmet.

Also, to ensure your safety while riding, you must purchase a quality-made helmet that fits you perfectly.

Food Dehydrator: What Is It? Do You Need One?

Apple and banana chips? Dried mangoes? Dried mushrooms? You can do that at home using a food dehydrator.

What is a food dehydrator?

A food dehydrator is a device that dries or dehydrates food. It is designed with a built-in fan that allows air circulation. With enough airflow, it allows a light flow of heat to circulate within the device, causing the food to reduce its amount of water, thus leaving you dried food.

The length of time for dehydration and the level of temperature will depend on the water content of the food.

  • Water-dense food, such as food and some vegetables, usually requires a higher temperature at least 135-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Low-dense vegetables are dehydrated at a lower temperature; preferably, 125-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Delicate foods, such as herbs are required to be dehydrated at 95-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To dehydrate meat, you need to cook it first with an internal temperature of 165-degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking the meat before the dehydration process helps kill potentially harmful bacteria and dehydrates the food faster and easier. After cooking the meat, your next step is to dehydrate the meat between 130-degrees and 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you need a food dehydrator at home?

A food dehydrator is a useful kitchen device, and there are a lot more reasons to invest one;

Reason #1: Provides healthy food choices that you can make at home.

Reason #2: You do not need to purchase dried food prepared with a lot of preservative at the store when you can make at home.

Reason #3: You can make healthy camping snacks at home.

Reason #4: You can dry your own herb.

Reason #5: You can make beef jerky at home.

Reason #6: It is an excellent kitchen device that allows better food preservation.

There are several more reasons to purchase a food dehydrator, but there are also a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

Downside #1: Requires dedication and time to dehydrate food.

Downside #2: It can reduce vitamins A and C content on vegetables and fruits.

Downside #3: The taste of dried fruits can become too sweet, while vegetables may give you a bland taste.

Is it worth it?

To conclude whether a food dehydrator is worth it or not, it is safe to say that investing food dehydrator is a good addition to your kitchen, especially if you are a foodie. However, to consider its worth, you need to purchase a reliable and well-performing food dehydrator.

There are several food dehydrators in the market that you can choose from; in fact, you can check this Food Dehydrator Review website to decide which food dehydrator you should purchase.

To help you out, here are some factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best food dehydrator:

#1: Airflow and the heat distribution

#2: Convenience or ease of use

#3: Size and the capacity

#4: Price

#5: No noise

#6: Features (Thermostat, Timer, and Auto-shutoff)

Final Thoughts

So, is a food dehydrator worth purchasing? Yes, it is. Although there are downsides to investing in one, the device has a significant role in the kitchen, especially when you are a true foodie.

Is APK Inspection of a Dutch-registered Vehicle Outside of the Netherlands Valid?

No Dutch-registered motor and a foreign vehicle in the country staying for more than 3 months shall drive on the Dutch public highways. But what if your APK certificate expiration nears when you’re out of the country with your vehicle? What should you do?

A mandatory periodical technical inspection of motors and vehicles is implanted in the Netherlands. It applies to all Dutch-registered vehicles, as well as, foreign vehicles in the country that has been staying for three months. Remember that once a foreign vehicle arrives on Dutch soil is subject to its laws and regulations without exemption. Therefore, if you’re planning to import a foreign vehicle to the Netherlands, make sure that it undergoes APK inspection if a valid foreign APK is unavailable, and after 3 years for a brand-new vehicle.

After the initial inspection, car owners are obliged to have their vehicles inspected annually or every 2 years. The inspection is an obligation that must be observed. Likewise, this law intends to ensure road safety and environmental protection.

The RDW sends a reminder to car owners if their APK certificate is near expiry. Six weeks before the expiration date, vehicle owners are expected to schedule an appointment for inspection with the RDW. If the owner fails to perform this obligation, they have to pay the fines, and they can’t drive their vehicle on public roads.

If the RDW sends you a reminder of your APK expiration while you’re out of the country, and unable to get back home soon, what shall you do?

APK Inspection Outside of the Netherlands

If you’re driving your Dutch-licensed vehicle outside of Netherlands, and its APK certificate is near expiring, what you can do is have it inspected either in Spain or Belgium. These countries are EU/EFTA member states where Dutch-registered vehicles can undergo valid inspections. Thus, if you are unable to return to the Netherlands before your car’s APK expiry date, you can go to one of these countries wherever you are nearest.

Be warned that Belgium and Spain have different requirements for APK inspection from the Netherlands. Of course, you’ll be asked to submit the basic requirements, including the original registration certificate of the vehicle, a license plate, and your proof of identity.

PTI inspection in Spain, however, is not applicable for taxis with Dutch registration.

You can schedule the Spain inspection online. The Spain PTI will notify the RDW once you received a PTI inspection report. Remember that the process for Spain PTI is a bit different. You can go to the official website of their designated authority to assure which documents to bring and the fees to pay.

If you are in Belgium, all you have to do schedule a PTI inspection at their web portal. Complete the information asked on the website and prepare the documents. Once the application is successful, they will send you a notification, as well as to the RDW.

There are several locations wherein you can go for a PTI inspection in Belgium. You can look it up at the country’s website or in RDW.

Buyer’s Guide for Charcoal Grills: How to Choose the Best

There are a lot of charcoal grills in the market today, but choosing the best is not an easy task. But this post got it all covered for you.

Charcoal grills are one of the most inexpensive grilling equipment that can produce more smoke and better flavored grilled food.

If you are considering purchasing a charcoal grill, here is a couple of information that will help you choose the best amongst myriads of charcoal grill options out there.

Different Types of Charcoal Grill

There are several types of a charcoal grill, but three of these are popular – kettle, ceramic, and the barrel grill – each one will give you different grilling results.

  • The kettle grill is a classic and less expensive charcoal grill. It comes in different sizes, but the design remains the same – circular, comes with dome lid, it has a cooking grill and charcoal grid, designed with round lower chamber. Some kettle grills are designed with wheels and a vent system. The round lower chamber is designed to promote even heat distribution. The dome lid, on the other hand, helps trap the heat and allows the hot air to circulate within the grill, keeping the flavor immersed into the grilled food.
  • Ceramic grill is a versatile charcoal grill that allows you to grill, smoke, and even bake pizzas at 500-degrees Fahrenheit. It is an oval-shaped charcoal grill with a domed lid that is hinged to the rounded bottom. And since it is ceramic, it is capable of resisting moisture and encourages more heat than metals do.
  • A barrel grill is a typical charcoal grill that looks similar to a gas grill. It is designed rounded on top and the bottom with hinges connected to the half top and the lower half, which holds the charcoal or wood. It is designed with vents on top and bottom and a chimney on the lid; the vents are designed to help you control the internal temperature.

So, which type of grill would you prefer purchasing?

Temperature Control

Choose a charcoal grill that allows you to control the temperature. This means, a well-designed charcoal grill must have a great lid, thermometers, at least two dampers (intake and exhaust), adjustable grates, has 2-zone cooking areas, and allows you to access the charcoal.

Charcoal Grill Sizes

Charcoal grills come in all sizes; there are small, medium, and large-sized charcoal grills. If you are grilling for yourself and a small number of people, you should consider purchasing a small type of charcoal grill. However, if you are frequently grilling for a couple of people, you may choose a medium-sized charcoal grill. Lastly, for larger people and at once, you need professional-grade models, which also allow you to smoke a couple of ribs. If you need additional details on these, try to check out our charcoal grill guides.


Lastly, one of the essential things you need to consider when purchasing a charcoal grill is the price. Although there are quality charcoal grills out there that are quite expensive, you can also find super-fancy grills that are surprisingly affordable, which may range from $100 – $150, depending on the size and features of the charcoal grill.

Are Smoothies Healthy?

Smoothies are one of the most popular wellness trends nowadays. But is the market correct for labeling smoothies as healthy food? 

Smoothies have been around way back, but it was not marketed as much as today. Now, you will see and hear smoothie advertisements left and right. It has become a popular wellness trend due to its potential health benefits, versatility, and portability.

What are the Health Benefits of Smoothies?

Smoothie is a thick and creamy beverage. It is usually made from blended pureed fruits and vegetables. Other recipes use juices, yogurt, nuts, seeds, and milk to enhance their taste. Most people take smoothies at breakfast or in between meals.

Smoothie is a versatile beverage. It is easy and quick to prepare. Moreover, you can buy bottled smoothies at grocery stores and café.

There are different classifications of smoothies. Below is a list of the common smoothie category.

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit smoothies are by far the most popular type of smoothie. It is a blend of different types of fruits mixed with fruit juice, water, yogurt, or milk.

  • Green or Veggie Smoothie

A green smoothie is perfect for individuals who love their veggies. A serving of green smoothie comes from a blend of leafy green vegetables with fruits, water, juice, or milk. Some individuals don’t add much fruit, juice, and milk to their veggie smoothie. Nonetheless, it depends on your preference on what to include in your green beverage.

  • Protein Smoothie

For those who want to bulk up, protein smoothie is the highly suggested drink. It is a blend of protein powder or any protein source, fruits, vegetables, and milk, or any liquid.

Is Smoothie Healthy? 

Smoothies offer countless health advantages. Here is everything you need to know all about smoothies.

#1 A Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals 

A smoothie is a supplemental beverage and a healthy one at that. It fills the vitamins and mineral gaps in your body. Although smoothies are packed with nutrients, it has low satiety. Hence, the calorie content of a smoothie insufficient to keep your body energized all day long.

#2 Fiber-rich Beverage

This beverage is also fiber-rich. It helps the food pass through the digestive system, thereby increasing stool bulk and regularity of bowel movement. Since it is a great source of fiber, smoothies likewise lower the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and metabolic syndrome.

#3 Boost Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins and minerals.

However, the amount you consume daily is insufficient to fill what your body needs.

Drinking smoothies help increase fruit and vegetable intake. Dietitians say that drinking smoothie adds 2 to 3 more servings of fruits and vegetables from your normal consumption.

A Warning!

Take note that not all smoothies are the same. Smoothies from fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy, except the store-bought and processed ones. The latter contains high quantities of sugar and preservatives, which are unhealthy. And take note, too much sugar consumption increases your risk of diabetes, liver disease, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease.

In a nutshell, you have to choose the ingredients that go in your smoothie. Pick out options that are 100% healthy. The best choice is whole foods like fruits and veggies.

Easy Steps in Making HDR Effects in Photoshop

Fascinated about high-dynamic images? You can do that too with HDR effects using Photoshop.

What is the HDR effect? 

High Dynamic Range or HDR is a photo-editing technique that involves 2 or more images merged to bring vibrancy to a photo with very vivid colors.

How to make HDR effects in Photoshop?

Creating HDR effects on photos may sound easy to do, but it is not. The truth is, there are a lot of steps to follow. Nonetheless, if you can work on a few of them, you’ll get to familiarize how it is done, making it a lot easier for the next Photoshop project with HDR effects.

Both Photoshop online and PC-installed Photoshop software have a similar process when creating HDR effects. If you are new to photo-editing using Photoshop, here are easy steps in creating HDR effects using Photoshop.

Step #1: Upload the image you want to edit to Photoshop.

Step #2: Create a duplicate layer of the image. To do this, click the ‘Layer’ option found in the Photoshop taskbar. Select the ‘Duplicate Layer’.

Step #3: Convert the duplicate layer image into a smart object by clicking ‘Convert to Smart Object’. Converting the image to ‘Smart Object’ will allow fine-tuning of the image.

Step #4: Go to ‘Image’ on the taskbar. And then, click the ‘Adjustments’. Finally, choose ‘Shadow/Highlights’ to adjust the settings to brighten up the shadows in the photo. Here is the Standard Setting for Shadows, but you can tweak it, according to your preference:

  • Amount (Shadows) is at 60 percent.
  • Tonal Width is at 55 percent.
  • Radius is at 100 px.

Step #5: Unsharp the mask by clicking the ‘Filter’ option in the Photoshop taskbar. And then choose ‘Sharpen’ and select ‘Unsharp Mask’. To set it up, you may follow the settings:

  • Amount (Unsharp Mask) is at 85 percent.
  • Radius is at 5.0.
  • The threshold is at 0.

This photo-editing step will help a portion of the subject image to stand out nicely. And if it is a picture of you, it’ll nicely stand out your eyes

Step #6: Add depth to your photo. First, click the ‘Image’ option in the taskbar. And then, select the Brightness/Contrast option. You may leave the Brightness as it is but set the Contrast at 40.

Step #7: Have the Merged layer ‘Active’ and set it to ‘Overlay’ to blend the original photo with the edited one. And then, make some adjustments if needed.

And the newly edited photo is set to go.

Final Thoughts

The steps provided are one of the easiest steps out there in making HDR effects by using Photoshop. You may use the settings provided or you may edit the settings according to your preferences. However, it is recommended that you try out other techniques in making HDR effects to get the result that you find more appealing and perfect.

Also, try working on various photos to expand your photoshopping skills in terms of creating HDR effects. See tutorials for a better understanding of making HDR effects. Lastly, if you are using an online Photoshop tool, make sure to use one from a well-versed website with several Photoshop features to offer.